1. I feel like the US should adopt the Saudi naming convention and every election cycle change the name to the current president. LONG LIVE THE JOE STATES OF BIDEN!!! FORMERLY THE DONALD STATES OF TRUMP AND THE BARRACK STATES OF OBAMA!!!

  2. How are you gonna stay a conquering, war-loving mega empire without a violent population?

  3. Bah, tripe is delicious. All offal is. Try and stop me from getting some of that heart or lung meat. I'd take some kidneys over a steak any day. Gimme that liver and onions.

  4. If an American says anything you can usually take it for a grain of salt.

  5. Damn let’s do a collab, I can tell you’re a Hongkonger too by your username

  6. There’s a couple of decently sized cities in Far Eastern Russia, right? Like Yakutsk or Vladivostok

  7. Not in Chukotka they aren’t, the larger cities are down in Primorsky Krai

  8. I’ll name a few: Barbara Lee, Jared Polis, Gretchen Whitmer, Roy Cooper

  9. Sununu isn’t as liberal as people claim. Yeah he’s a log cabin republican but he strongly supports gun rights and is moderately against abortion

  10. He's still pro-choice and with the current state of polarization in America that can't be acceptable to donors can it

  11. not supporting those rights would be a fundamental disagreement with libertarian ideology, if you mean Libertarians with a capital L, maybe not

  12. Sad thing is that too many hardcore social conservatives parade as libertarians

  13. Especially in the US. With these idiots flying Gadsden flags everywhere

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