1. Я бы сказал даже очень близко)

  2. At this point, none of them. Still US for overall quality of life and earning potential. I would have said Canada until recently. Nowhere really seems appetizing anymore.

  3. But if you have to choose, what is your decision?

  4. Teleportation, could save so much travel time and money.

  5. It's drink and I'm not sure that this is weird, but my grandad mixed tomato juice with sour cream and gave it to me. It was very tasty 🤤

  6. I was frying potatoes and water got into the oil. It splattered and left a burn. He also fell off his skateboard.

  7. Nature. In my hometown, I lived on the outskirts. Ordinary sleeping area. Over my 18 years, the area has grown a lot. My grandparents live 5 minutes walk from my house. The river is visible from the window. Imagine: summer, you go to your grandparents, eat, go with your grandfather with fishing rods to the river. You return home. Take a bike and, driving for 20 minutes through country houses, you find yourself in a field, near a forest, nature. In the morning you gather with friends and go to the forest to make a fire and run through the forest. And that smell of wet grass.

  8. It was hard not to name your country)

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