1. Everything everywhere might be a better film but banshees screenplay is amazing, the dialogue alone is better

  2. nono, create a alt account for the challenge, where you post the words

  3. Ohhhh!!!!! That’s such a good idea!! Cause that’s the only fault rn. Thankyou :)

  4. Thankyou kind sir!!! I hope your day is filled with wonder

  5. So far it’s been filled with mouthfuls of dried out shit and a stubbed toe so I agree with you, thanks OP.

  6. Oooof, I’ve had an annoying one as well. But hopefully we both get better ones

  7. Yeah I want to, I tried shops but I’m just gonna order em. Also my player broke

  8. GTA six isn’t even on the timeline it’s beyond it

  9. Bro….. I do those things.. I say I love my buds and hug my boys! Also… who doesn’t get made up for their boys? Don’t wanna look shabby

  10. Why spend 300 on a co workers daughter???????? Bro most parents or family wouldn’t spend that

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