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  1. Mt Zion is legit he helped me get my hands on some Kona Gold and duckfoot plus gifted me their Pineapple Sativa x PMM x Golden Ticket

  2. Got 10 from Trident seeds aka landrace mafia in stock now, as well. Hope the others turned out nice, that golden ticket is my fav

  3. Totes. To think these gentlemen separated males from females, but for fiber, is asinine. These homeboyz knew how to grow, and smok3, the cronic.

  4. Uhhh. Have you read the OT? A lot of material blessings given, material blessings taken away, so and so amassed vast riches, so and so swindled such and such for his herd and became rich. There is a lot of emphasis on temporal wealth being one of many of the blessings granted to those with faith in God and for the observance of his law. Granted, they didn't call themselves Jews, they were Hebrews, of the faith of Moses and Abraham. Also, yes, Jews love money.

  5. Ummm yeah, he preaches his own false version of Christ. He is not an example of consecration by any means

  6. Im down as long as its generally viewed as non profit, when we fly out!?

  7. Pretty much only Robert Clarke's books. He is the most legit when it comes to the botany. Most cannabis breeders understand fuckall about the science of genetics, so be take what you read online with a grain of salt.

  8. Seconded 100%. Clarke is the way. Stay away from grow bibles and 3 a light and whatnot.

  9. Face on fire for me. Pretty much any face off cross.

  10. From one child of a mormon to another, sounds like su madre tiene miedo de fun. Hard to believe there are only rocky beaches on a carribean island. Ole Joe Jr would be partying it up with you!

  11. Equal authority to God Himself, you had it all man. I like looking back and think about all those discussions. Ugh, how did we not see it then?

  12. So Jesus will show up in southern Illinois in 2024 to give humanity their final judgement. I suspected this all along.

  13. This is some extremely mormon shit. Spot on with their prophecies...

  14. On the same SOL and looks like around the same area I found some trash in an image.

  15. Your doing awesome and I'm so stoked to see somebody breeding ma studs! Hope the pollination takes, I'm sure it will haha. What you breeding him with?

  16. As a transplant, I brag about the lack of natural disasters to my family.

  17. Yeah, but those are just a sometimes treat. When was the last major ice storm? 2003? Before that 1999 and "the big one" in what, like 1991?

  18. I was 7 for the big one, it was terrifyingly wonderful. People came together. Same as some insane microburst in late 90s that got us out of school for an extra week. Good times.

  19. Been doing this basic idea for years, it is a great way to hunt and get a refrence point for dominant traits.

  20. It is. They're called Land Race strains, grown in the areas they originated. It's similar to getting heirloom seeds for the less commercialized and more unique produce, or heirloom rhizomes for hops.

  21. On top of the indians, we have an open pollination mix that has tons of landrace sativa heritage in it. Kona and Mulanje Gold primarily...my personal all time favorites.

  22. We just dropped thousands of free seeds on Rochester at the Armory downtown event. I'm in town til Monday and would love to hook you up with some. DM

  23. Blue Ridge Hydroponics is a local grow supply store on 5th street near the Y. We also have the "big box" HTG behind the Sheetz near the civic center.

  24. Thanks for the shoutout. Opening a grow and consulting brick and mortar in Boones Mill on May 2nd as well. FYI

  25. is that part of the Appalachian Mountain Supply Co. move posting I saw? Cool!

  26. Yes! They bought a spot and offered us a space for rent. We will supply soil and other grow supplies, and we are super excited!

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