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  1. They should go back to basics, COD is after all just an arcade point and shoot. If they did this though the public would cry many tears

  2. The real CoD fans won’t but the new kids getting into the game definitely will though

  3. Could you please for the love of everything, explain to me how this works?

  4. I just don’t see ILLEY coming back anytime soon and Rambo probably won’t put him back in the lineup even if he is ready for Major 4. Rambo may put him back in then but I just don’t see it happening if that’s the case

  5. As long as the powers at optic Texas don’t hold him hostage I’d be surprised if he stayed past illey returning

  6. He definitely does deserve a starter roll. He could easily start on NYSL or Florida

  7. Banana leaves on Favela on MW2 is the only other instance I know of.

  8. Now that you mention that one, I do remember it now

  9. I am getting the same thing and was just Googling this to see if there is an actual fix, but I can't seem to find something. Happen to have found something since you posted this?

  10. this is exactly how i imagine a 34 year old named “erik” (with a “k”) to talk

  11. You damn well know his parents were high or fucked up when they named him

  12. Map is awful but better than Gav

  13. I dont dislike tuscan at all. In fact, Tuscan Control has been one of my favourite maps in the game so far.

  14. I guess the other reasoning too has got to be the spawns. Sometimes they make sense and sometimes they are completely random for no reason. But like you said, defense in this game does have more of an opportunity to get back in to positioning then offense does. Which never made sense

  15. for sure but people don't wanna talk about it because its Alec. Owakening drops 1.2's and gets cooked for statwhoring (not saying he desn't) then people defend Alec for dropping 0.8s. Hard to actually have meaningful discussion on here lmao

  16. They dick ride Alec more then anyone. It’s so stupid and so hard to see how many FaZe fan boys are on here trying to defend him, and come up with with bullshit excuses for him. Then on the other hand there are people who don’t know other players lmao

  17. It's not just faze fans, it's all fans and even the broadcast that hype players up and underrate other people when if you actually watched the games your opinions would be completely different

  18. I’ve been watching for a long time and it’s just abysmal to hear what goes on when Alec does shitty. People need to wake the fuck up and actually see that Alec isn’t as good as people make him out to be

  19. I doubt it Infinity ward has never had a competitive priority and correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t know if there’s ever been an infinity ward game with a decent ranked play

  20. That is true. But since that what a lot of new and upcoming YouTubers and people trying to make a name for themselves play, I’m thinking it’s gonna be something they are gonna work on

  21. No doubt this game will at the very least be popular cause it looks good and shit but playing it in any mode other than snd will probably be ass

  22. They better have ranked play out from the start. Non of this bullshit until waiting until the start of season 2 or whatever. If it don’t then you won’t see me in multiplayer

  23. I like the new font too,easy on the eyes

  24. I even switched and closed and reopened and nothing

  25. I can't even play Vanguard anymore unless it's ranked. I don't think I've seen a COD with such bad issues. Sure past cods have been unbalanced & had issues, but something about Vanguard's issues upsets me to the point of switching to another game. It's a shame, Vanguard had potential to be a solid game

  26. Whenever I get on vanguard it’s only ranked play. I haven’t touched multiplayer since it came out

  27. Right? As a Floridian, who doesn't deal with this at least once a week??

  28. that guy playing league of legends is probably clueless on what’s going on lmao

  29. So,some was playing LoL? Didn’t see that one

  30. It’s upgraded, it just doesn’t specify it. If you are playing on new console, you are on the upgraded version 100%.

  31. Should my HD graphics options be grayed out or no? Cuz it still looking like the old gen graphics lmao. What your brightness settings and all that?

  32. Is there even an HD in-game setting on Xbox? I don’t think there is. If you’re talking about HDR, that’s something else entirely. Division 2 isn’t optimized like other games by the way, all the devs did is unlock 60 FPS for Series consoles.

  33. I see what you mean now. I’m just have to increase the brightness and all that then. Even at half brightness it’s still dark lmao. I didn’t know it was just a FPS update thought it was a graphics too. There are two settings on console for HDR on UI and what not but it’s grayed out

  34. They're different but apparently are from the same universe because Stabby Mike is mentioned.

  35. Yes, it seems that way. I haven't played Eternum because it only has 3 episodes and I'm waiting for more updates. As I mentioned before Caribdis may or not create a continuation of Once in a Lifetime best ending, but only after completing Eternum so it will take quite some time.

  36. I just started playing again today. Level 10 with a 16 or so KD lmao. Thanks controller!

  37. The Lauren Boebert playbook of giving tours to Jan 6th Qnoners before the event happened, then walks away...

  38. Then you see her the moment he gets laid tf out by the teacher and runs away

  39. I am really liking the nonary games, it's heavy on the story with some escape room type puzzles through out! I recommend checking out the story plot to see if it interests you, I won't say much as I don't want to spoil anything!

  40. Is there an order to them? Like is it a series?

  41. Alright. Might have to use it next. Got a year going now

  42. Hopefully it does too. It’s going to blow when this is gone for good and they really do jack the prices up

  43. I’ll take some of this shit off your hands lmao

  44. I’m only seeing posts about what people want to see and all that. Which is fine, but we all know they are gonna find some bullshit way to throw in SBMM and fucking ruin our experience

  45. I cant believe no one has pointed out that the one guys zipper is down

  46. Would of thrown that into the argument while recording the whole thing

  47. Of course it is. But wanted to put some style on it. Been going for it for a while

  48. Great shot. What would have happened if you hit a perfect shot?

  49. Might of been a little to the right or left

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