1. go to the imsa website and see for yourself how bad it is

  2. egy sör-virsli versenyben benne vagy a buggy-ért?

  3. Why is that? I can watch any and all F1 races at any point, all practices, quali and races. Why is this not done for the WRC+ subscription?

  4. Lift-off oversteer is mostly a corner exit phenomenon and doesn't happen very commonly with very good drivers. But, yes, in amateur racing or track days lots of that going on.

  5. you shouldn’t lift off on corner exit my man, if you do, you did something wrong beforehand

  6. at this rate Mikkelsen is gonna score top class power stage points

  7. So, what you have bought is what we in the fanbase call "absolute garbage". Yeah, it's bad. Surely they receive plenty of complaints from it but perhaps just not enough for them to really care. It. Sucks.

  8. you can watch all stages from Estonia on Apple TV tho. just go to the part where you can choose the day

  9. on past rallies you can only rewatch so called Live TV stages, which are those with many outside cameras and a recap of the rally

  10. I am Dutch and was the the Austrian GP I enjoyed it but I am not sure if I want to return next year. Last year it was 100% sure I wanted to go again but this year I am not sure. The reason therefore is because there were multiple fights between Dutch fans at the party’s after the Sprint race. After Sundays race there some discussion between Dutch fans because someone had a smokebomb that covered other fans in soot. If there weren’t other fans between them there also would be a fight. I enjoyed going there but I’m ashamed of other Dutch fans that are going there for the party’s it self and not for the racing. I think I have to go to races outside of europe so I don’t have to be so ashamed of other Dutch fans and I still can enjoy the racing.

  11. or just go to non-F1 motorsport races. they’re much more chill an cool

  12. what a load of horseshit. there's a huge difference between this incident and the Gasly incident. Perez had at least half a car's width to his left and had no need to squeeze Russell so tightly to the inside. Russell also was on lock with the steering and he didn't correct, so never lost control of the car. I completely disagree with this penalty, if anything, Perez dug his own grave here.

  13. well an Angolan driver won today in LMP2 (Rui Andrade)

  14. easily the best race I saw in my WEC viewing career (since Lone Star LM 2020)

  15. look can I give you some actual constructive criticism? don’t take it personally but this infographic isn’t pleasant to look at at all

  16. i agree with you. i knew nothing about imsa before this year's Daytona 24. I went and really enjoyed it, but it took me a while to figure what was going on in the race, the cars, the differences, etc. I started trying to follow the other races and teams, but i can't always find information. for example, i liked the 48 Ally car and wanted to follow it through the year, but there are races it doesn't compete in and I cant find out why (maybe it just competes in Daytona, i don't know). i downloaded the app and it's big and clunky and does basic stuff, nothing to drive engagement or interest and, to your point, they don't even update the info. I mean with technology and infrastrucure nowadays they should have real-time updates of the results, I just picture someone uploading a spreadsheet of results at IMSA. This forum has been helpful in learning about the races, cars, etc. but the outreach from IMSA to try to cultivate and educate new fans is lacking.

  17. can I suggest you to take a close look at the wikipedia page of the current season. a lot of your questions can be answered there

  18. wow, Martins Sesks is absolutely tearing it up, local experience surely helps but nobody came even close to his pace

  19. Seems like a smaller field than the earlier ERC rounds. Less local drivers participating?

  20. eh idk, it is comparable to the other fields which have been around 20-26 Rally2s

  21. where do you have that Ferrari from? cuz that’s definitely not their LMH

  22. Wait if GB is the uk, what's BG ? On your plate I mean

  23. genuine question: did it never occur to you once before moving in that you’re next to the tracks???

  24. SR is for then you retire the day before and restart next day, don't know the exact name of those letters tho

  25. well there can be different scenarios and you will find drivers in many different championships which can be overwhelming at first, but it's also the beauty of sports car racing.

  26. Great information! Thanks for sharing this. One clarification: you’re saying that LMP2 is a customer, not factory, seat right?

  27. sorry if it wasn’t clear but it’s neither. obviously there aren’t any manufacturers in LMP2, it’s only Oreca. In LMP2 you have race teams which are again payed by Amateurs and have pros to support the Bronze driver, then you have the big gun LMP2 teams who are here for quite a while and have very professional operations with high profile drivers. Then you have teams like Penske or AF Corse who only entered LMP2 for this year since they will race in Hypercar next year.

  28. I think we will have to put stage names like Kedong, Sleeping Warrior and Oserian into the dictionary of legendary stages, I hope these are going to be the backbone of Safari Rallies to come (and they were probably in the old days as well). A magnificent and refreshingly different event

  29. is there anything he can’t race on? didn’t think he’d win kenya

  30. we didn't have a full dry tarmac round yet but I don't think that would be a big challenge for him

  31. check out the schedule for Croft Circuit. motorsport (except F1 and MotoGP) is generally not expensive to attend.

  32. Floodman11, the big Porsche fan steps down from moderating just when the 963 is released??!! hmmm

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