1. Killorn traded would free up 4.5 million, able to keep Paul and Rutta imo. Palat is as good as gone

  2. Yeah, Rutta might take a cheaper than expected deal (~1 million).

  3. Friedman made a comment in his podcast today about it being a "tough playoffs". Wonder if that was about perhaps it being MacLean's last cup final as the host of the broadcast.

  4. SN had the celebration it was a great thing to capture

  5. We just need a fifth starter - don’t unload the farm, trade two or three lottery tickets for a guy who can give us five innings and give up three or four runs per start. That gets Kikuchi out of the rotation - we have to hope Berrios can turn it around, he’s not getting yanked from rotation. I’d also trade Danny or a couple other B prospects for more pen arms.

  6. Yeah there is the line of thinking that you trade for the Kikuchi upgrade and then use the rest of prospect capital for high end relievers.

  7. I'd be okay with it but mostly from the perspective of selling "high" on groshans if that is even a thing anymore. He's hit for no power at AAA at all and is in danger of losing decent prospect status fairly quickly.

  8. Yeah you'd probably need another good prospect with him for a upside starter.

  9. Friedman floated the idea of him signing a short term extension and then hitting the market again.

  10. It's a good fit. The other UFA options for them would be Husso, Kuemper (Avs probably keep him) and then the trade market.

  11. People are calling for Kikuchi to go to the minors to get better. Due to his service time, he can refuse said assignment and elect free agency, and the Jays will still be on the hook to pay him his entire contract.

  12. He probably would elect for FA, and I know it would be very enticing for me if I were in his position, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to have the conversation with him to see if he'd be willing to accept the assignment. I mean, I'd be hard pressed to see a team sign him to a major league deal with the way he's been pitching, so he might consider it.

  13. Eh someone probably would give him a major league deal

  14. And considering Thornton they need as the long man just in case, it's down to Hatch in terms of the in org options instead of him. But I think they're getting to a point where something needs to change there.

  15. Wonder if he'll start the double header next Saturday.

  16. NL Central teams as trade targets make sense

  17. Yeah that goal was really similar to the 2010 winner!

  18. Would have to be a Bednar level reliever, and even then that might be too much considering it's a starter for a pitcher.

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