1. As a personal matter, if it really is marriage issues, I feel for the guy. That kind of thing can eat up your whole world. I hope he can get the help he needs or resolve it.

  2. What a fucking clown. This franchise is doomed. He is rapidly approaching Ford family territory for me. Asshole.

  3. Wow. How about the team has suffered an unusual number of injuries and players underperforming that has nothing to do with the gm?

  4. This season is lost to me. The roster is bad and the injuries to the pitching have killed any chance at being competitive with a bad offense.

  5. Yeah, well, the Tigers opted for Dollar General Correa. Sweet judgement by the front office. Tigers weren't savy like the Twins. In the end, it doesn't matter much. The Tigers are far worse than we all thought.

  6. Again, you’re smarter than this. Yes, Al is not a good GM but our criticisms need to be better argued if they are to hold any weight.

  7. There was some skepticism. However Zimm didn’t jump from a 3.60 ERA to a 5.00 ERA just because he moved to the AL. It’s because of his neck injury, and as it relates to his neck, I’m fairly certain that he had no neck injuries prior to the signing.

  8. Yeah, I agree. I think the neck injury killed his career. I think the prevailing thought was that he would age gracefully because of his good control and command. I have no idea what he would have been had he stayed healthy. In the end, however, he just ended up having one of the worst contracts in the history of the franchise. Pretty brutal.

  9. It's historically June 22. I get it's been excruciating, but check in where they end up. If they stay at 2.7 runs/game i'll eat my words, but i doubt they will

  10. Well we are coming up on half a season. It's getting a little late to make this argument. I suppose it could get better but i don't reallly see why it will improve in any meaningful way. As it stands, the offense is historically bad and the tigers are on pace to lose 100 games.

  11. I'm not going to excuse Soto's bullshit. He's always prone to doing garbage like this. But, if you score 1 run you deserve to lose.

  12. 2. Plenty of good players like kreidler and Lester. Plenty of talent plus whoever they draft this season

  13. I would not put Kriedler in the "good" category. I also wouldn't say "plenty" either.

  14. Flores, Olson, Kreidler, Dingler, Smith, Madden, Jobe…just because we may not have 2 top 5 prospects doesn’t mean there isn’t still talent. Breiske and Faedo have been called up this year and performed (mostly) better than expected. Who’s to say that can’t happen again with someone else? Breiske was at the same spot that Wilmer Flores is now, a year ago. He may be up with the big club by 2023.

  15. Yeah, the pitching depth looks good. The offense looks awful. Your top 2 guys are Kreidler and Dingler. Only 1 of them is a real prospect. That should worry you.

  16. Please send Tork to Toledo. For the love of Odin. He is not ready for the MLB. I care about his development. As for the rest of the offense, fuck em. They all belong in the dumpster.

  17. Damn. Faedo is bad today. It was bound to happen. Too bad the tigers offense is an abomination.

  18. 3 runs on 1 hit and the guy who hit the homer has been ass all year. Sounds about right.

  19. Can the Tigers sign Correa and force Baez to opt out after next season? Lol. He sucks ass.

  20. Baez has played 44 games. In his 862 games before we signed him he put up 4.1 fWAR per 162, despite his bad plate approach. Let's wait a little longer before we write off the whole extent of his contract.

  21. I agree in the short term. The 2 years before the opt out. In the long term, I hate the contract.

  22. His statcast page is truly awful. So bad, in fact, that I am concerned. I understand he has a track record. I do. And, I expect him to perform better. But the question I have is what happens if this is a skills decline at the plate? His plate discipline is abysmal already. If his bat speed slows or hand-eye coordination deteriorates slightly then it would be a huge problem. That is the main reason I didn't want Detroit to sign him. I think his contract could be awful in his 30s. I mean, it might be awful already. Lol. I'm not ready to declare this over. I'm waiting for him to find something. But, I've run out of patience as a fan. He sucks ass right now. He's a poor fit offensively for this lineup too.

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