1. I don’t know if you’re counting these as “pet stores” but he can visit rural King and tractor supply

  2. It seems you may be feeling a lack of control over your own life and are feeling overwhelmed by the traditional options and expected trajectory for your life. We often feel that we have to live some sort of formulaic life created by society or we'll be a failure or a pariah. Your fantasy of becoming ill takes that burden away from you in a way that you won't be forced to defend. Are you in the US?

  3. Ah okay, I'm glad I asked instead of assuming you are in the US. I'm not sure what resources you have there, nor your common social standards, etc. I hope you are able to understand why you might be feeling this way and can seek out some sources of support. Even talking things through with people on the internet can help you get some of your fears and frustrations off of your chest.

  4. I've never heard depression equated with the others, just a possible comorbidity. Dissociation is a broad term and the other two are a couple of the subsets of it, one being where you question reality outside of yourself (hence, derealization) and the other is where you question your sense of self or your own existence (ie depersonalization).

  5. I find I'm more likely to get emotional over a movie than something happening in real life. Maybe this is something similar?

  6. I'm the same way. I can get more empathetic/emotionally invested in books/movies/tv shows than real life and real people.

  7. I used to make pretty decent money from Walmart. Now they're almost always an automatic nope.

  8. I don't understand. It looks like you made $10 from one trip.. that seems pretty good. I'm legitimately confused about the anger here. Is it because you only got offered one trip while you were working?

  9. Yup. My parent was constantly yelling and if she didn't get her way it was hysterical screaming and crying so I blame her greatly for me not being able to express anger or other emotions properly. I learned quickly that the only thing arguing did was get myself locked up for another week.

  10. So extremely relatable. My mother was (is) bipolar. Maybe borderline, but who knows and who cares. In any case, expression of anger is very hard for me. 90% of the time it's denial, 10% of the time it's breaking things, which = 100% of the time not being dealt with properly. I present as a relatively stoic person. It drove my ex husband nuts lol.

  11. When speaking of memories or dreams, I think most people mean visualizing from the third person view, like you describe above regarding images.

  12. 41F. I've spent my last 9 months on a sort of sabbatical that has led me to appreciate the value of just living a life of contentment. Essentially my foundational goal is to have a job that allows me to not stress over money as well as isn't detrimental to my mental health. An offshoot of that is to continue to prioritize my health fully and progress in learning to identify my maladaptations and reconnect with myself. Built on top of that are things like travel and your other typical bucket list type items.

  13. Empathy happens for me on a more intellectual level EXCEPT with fictional characters.

  14. This just started happening to me all of a sudden last week. First, they were completely random and mundane; second, they were visual memories rather than just thinking a narrative, and visual memories sometimes give me a space-time continuum glitch or something. I'll remember something that happened 30 years ago but the memory comes through like it just happened ten minutes ago and it's unsettling.

  15. I thought that is just an option that a customer chooses, to ensure that it is delivered to the proper person/location.

  16. I tried all of those OTC options before finally resorting to seeking professional help. I found Sam-e to help the most. I currently still take 5-htp, as well as GABA. I have some sort of supplement addiction/compulsion, though.

  17. Rehab is for preventing relapse in the use of an addictive drug or behavior. Managing the withdrawal symptoms is just part of that process. So...not really applicable to antidepressants.

  18. Still applies as there I often see people relapse on antidepressants and go back on them

  19. 34/80, but the test isn't really great as some questions are totally out of place, and there is no middle option, which is quite problematic imo.

  20. Red pill or blue pill, Neo. There is no purple pill.

  21. You're still very early in, so what you feel now is not necessarily representative of how you'll feel in another month or two.

  22. Worked opposite on me i was quite reserved and with wellbutrin managed sociability & conversations much better. Intrusive thoughts and ‘impending doom’ increases tho. Added to fluoxetine 20

  23. Ah! I am happy(?) to see I am not the only one that started getting intrusive thoughts on this combo.

  24. ^ This. I'll usually complete the task while repeating the directive back to them and emphasizing the word "please" at the end. I do this with children and adults all the time, and occasionally gently remind them that asking for things generally gets better results than demanding. I'll admit, though, that it took a lot of practice and repetition before I could do it without coming across as patronizing. At first, people don't generally like to be corrected on their manners because it triggers feelings of shame. And I'm afraid we all know too well what that feels like.

  25. I don't really find training in the use of "please" to be the best approach. It begs for abuse of the phrase in the same way that people say "no offense but" and then feel free to insult someone since it was prefaced with their disclaimer. It's often tacked on to disguise or attempt to validate the use of a directive. That approach can have its usefulness with children, but adults have more freedom in their choices and acknowledging that in your communications can leave the other person feeling less "abused". It is 100% possible to be direct in disclosing what you need or want from another person without doing it in an authoritarian manner. It's not even just about accommodating another person's emotions but about having meaningful communication skills.

  26. I suppose it is a personal thing and if that makes you feel like you're getting respect, then that's great. Meaningless words are meaningless words, to me - however, I am one of those people that has a genuine hard time understanding manners, social customs, etc. It all just seems like some weird superficial ritual rather than anything meaningful and genuine.

  27. https://www.drugs.com/interactions-check.php?drug_list=440-203,1615-0

  28. I feel like expressing the illness/diagnosis implies comfort with expressing the cause and treatment. IMO, I would not provide this information but would instead use something vaguely relevant. Neurological issues or whatever you want to say. While there shouldn't be any sort of stigma toward mental health issues, obviously there are those who view it negatively, see it as a weakness or excuse, criticize the person, etc, and personally I don't want to deal with that at work.

  29. I don't really know what keeps me going sometimes. I think all I know how to do is survive. I'm too old to kill myself now. I want to thrive, but have never known how.

  30. The finch app can make a nice little companion for you in the meantime :)

  31. ;; I have that same one but after I got it and read more it said not to give them to small birds if u have cuttlebone it could kill them.idk. I have live worms. Will they eat live worm? I feed 4 mockingbirds that sing for worms on my windowsill. I feed them superworms. I read they(the finches) can’t eat worms till they grow up because the leathery exterior. But I feel like especially at this time they could use some worm. Especially the mommy. What if I kill it first? The ones I have right now are honestly pretty damn big. But the ones coming tomorrow will be perfect size. Where do I even put it? Should I just put it on a perch and let them figure it out? Idk I’ve never had birds this small before so I’ve never encountered this problem of worms. And they must be grown now right if they’re having eggs. They matured so much since I got them and it’s only been like a month

  32. I've never heard that lol. They tend to regulate their intake of minerals and/or grit on their own. Theoretically birds that hull their seeds don't need grit, just mineral supplementation, but it doesn't hurt for them to have it, especially if you are giving them other things such as veggies and invertebrates.

  33. ;; very interesting. But when the superworms first come they are very small some just as small if not smaller than mealworms. I let them grow and feed them to the birds. (I had a family of 5 blue jays stop by for worms last year it was incredible) but when they come I am definitely gonna try that So how do I give them the grit? Do I just sprinkle it into the food or a separate little bowl? Idk. I try to give them all sorts of fruit and veg but so far they eat spinach and destroy lettuce. They won’t touch strawberries or raspberries. No apples either. Haven’t tried those. I tried celery one guy munched on it but I guess he wasn’t impressed. I’m gonna try banana in the morning. Idk lol.

  34. I put it in a separate bowl. I also have a separate bowl for the egg food.

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