1. Just another comment to say that for a AAA, flagship title, the way that these engine swaps are tied to what appear to be in many (most?) cases a single car is unforgivable.

  2. Man nothing holds a candle to the old one. The new ones are.... eeew. The old one is... have mercy!

  3. Agree, the old one has a special aura (especially when you are a little boy owning a model of one 😄)

  4. This subreddit has finally ran out of things to complain about.

  5. Why have the Accord type R, prelude, etc, when you can have different years od the same car🤣☠️⚰️

  6. It's hard for a casual player... But if you dedicate yourself and try to improve, you will beat them, i believe in you. :-)

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