1. /uj Haha, it was also my bad because I was thinking more of Neymar and not actually good football guy Diego Maradona. Thanks anyway friend!

  2. Edward Scissorhands, Yeti and Gingerbread man from Shrek???

  3. the actress is doing a fine given the crap she's been given to work with. i knew before she even touched the bow and arrows that she was going to get a bullseye first shot. super predictable Mary Sue, for sure.

  4. Yet you probably didn't expect Wednesday to lose when she challenged Bianca.

  5. Why are people so negative? I thought it was a well written show and I really enjoyed Wednesday as a character.

  6. Uj/ I can't believe American Hustle was an actual reality show.

  7. Ooh what a spicey song. I've never heard of it before until now. Now I want to use it.

  8. I lowkey hate Minho for dropping his solo album when I'm really busy but I also love him for it bc I need some distractions in busy times.

  9. Honestly I don't listen to BTS or RM but the fact that black artists are on the album, makes me want to check it out!

  10. Well you're missing out because Jenna Ortega as Wednesday is just amazing.

  11. Pretty privillege is a real thing. People that gaslight people don't deserve a 2nd chance.

  12. Oh no not again. I shared them a while ago and now it hunts me again😭😭

  13. I knew there was something strike me in that photo but i couldn’t figure it out. Not until your comment.

  14. Why did you have to drag Nendou into rhis😭😭

  15. And then you have Scotland: a fucking unicorn

  16. Teuntje, ga jij maar ff leren wat de definitie van sportief zijn is.

  17. Nou vind dat niet zo sportief Teuntje. Beetje rustig aan doen.

  18. Lots of Turkish girls look central Asian in some way. They fit the typical Eurasian look.

  19. Im so sick of the kpoppies who always tell black people to "get over it" about ethnic hip and soyeon in general

  20. Ethnic hip bothers me as a West-Asian as well. They were drawing a lot of inspo from Mena and South-Asian cultures in their early career. Like La ta ta and Hann.

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