OOP Surprises Husband with Favorite Homecooked Meal

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  1. Eaiest/lowest stress does not make for a favourite. I would die of boredom if I had to work chemistry every day.

  2. Our chem line was due for replacement in 2017. Low stress is probably the last words I would use to describe our chem department.

  3. There's a wholesome memes sub at least

  4. When we were still working at the office, we had weekly company lunches. The Indian meals were always a treat. The aromas are just different than other cuisines.

  5. My fiance and I have decided it's so good because they're where so many spices come from that they've had the longest to practice and get it right

  6. Not me. I'm immunocompromised and even with 3 doses of the vaccine I've had Covid 4 times now.

  7. No, had the first bout with covid before there was a vaccine. I just got adequate medical care and am not elderly.

  8. A good doctor will run a culture, find out exactly what it is, and treat that specific thing.

  9. For bacterial vaginosis? Nah we usually run NAAT (nucleuc acid amplification test) for that, especially knowing the source already. She'll probably just get empirical antibiotics, I doubt an actual culture is necessary. I'd only culture if it's not responding to the antibiotics and I wanted a sensitivity panel run.

  10. This is what I was thinking. My local community college has great programs that will get people started in a career. Some programs are as short as 5 semesters. NTA because it is your money OP, but if you want her to continue her education, maybe talking to her and coming to a compromise will help the situation more than hurt it.

  11. I'm pretty sure phlebotomy is a two semester program and it's a very in demand job with decent benefits and often a union.

  12. I hear ya. Going forward, pay attention to how they treat their mother figure (if they’re a man) or their father figure (if they’re a woman). It’s not foolproof, but a dang good indicator of how they’ll treat you.

  13. My ex husband basically revered his mother, he still left me in the ER.

  14. It's the same difference between words and actions. They love their mother... But would they be there 24/7 if they needed care?

  15. Actually yeah. About a month before this his parents got sick and he went to our home state to care for them leaving me alone on my birthday.

  16. Second shift probably doesn't understand how much work first shift has to do. This happens at my lab too, but it's mostly first shift not understanding the crap that the overnight shift has to deal with. During our morning run, we run more tests than first shift does on their whole shift, and we have a skeleton crew.

  17. As a night shifter I see my job as holding it together until day shift gets back. We really need a minimum of 7 people but we've been running at 5 a lot lately which is critical staffing. I've trained on all of the other shifts so I have seen what goes on. Day shift definitely has to most time to chat and their problem solving process drives me nuts. They all dither around in a circle and explain things over and over and then someone new joins the circle and the explanation starts over. On nights our explanations are succinct because we don't have time to dither and you're a whole department. If the supervisor isn't in the buck stops with you so you gotta make a call and move on.

  18. Is it the pain that's just so distracting? Or is it an actually change in the brain?

  19. Actual change in cognitive function as far as I'm aware. For some people UTIs present as anxiety or other similar mental symptoms.

  20. Maybe she did have infections. Mental health issues can be debilitating, it wouldn't surprise me if she was a lot less put together in general than it seemed in the first posts.

  21. UTIs can actually cause mental disturbances.

  22. Come to think of it, I sometimes do, but I do what you do and have it under a pillow- but maybe I’m not aware I’m actually touching it in my sleep! I wash my bedding once a week too so I’m not sure if I should do it more than once maybe?

  23. Maybe make a special point to wash your hands before bed? Or get those fabric lotion gloves you can wash frequently and wear them to sleep if it doesn't bother you?

  24. I must also say that HS has made me stress about being clean more so, and even the thought of touching sores, open or not, makes me want to wash my entire body. It’s very stressful 🫠

  25. Hmm. You could be irritating your skin by removing your natural biome with too much washing. Unfortunately that kind of skin irritation can trigger HS too.

  26. We just got our pepita addict one of those mini pumpkins. Once he found the seeds in it he got really excited and went to town on the thing.

  27. God I miss the covid dayz of no visitors no exceptions. Because of jerks like that.

  28. I've got an honest to god directed donation in my blood bank fridge right now because our patient is so viruently anti vax that he got his friends and family to donate for him. I'm hoping more of them don't figure out they can do this it's so much hassel.

  29. That's Covid testing. Micro and blood bank are way more interesting as is heme if you like spending time on the scope.

  30. Nah I'm pretty much 100% genetics focus. qPCR assay development and implementation, including a phylogenetic focus so I can make assays for clades of organisms. Beyond that I am really good at DNA/RNA extraction and can do microsatellite stuff and sequencing.

  31. I did a thesis on distinguishing organisms in a phylogenetic clade. It boiled down to if your PI doesn't properly store the reagents before assigning you the project the assay doesn't work.

  32. Nooo, I'm the only blood banker tonight, no back up, no breaks. Please do not have a major mcv by the hospital. In fact if everyone could refrain from bleeding out tonight I'd really appreciate it.

  33. Congratulations 🎉! Also, it looks like their may be 4-6 piggies in there!

  34. There's a link up post, she had 5


  36. One winter I fell on the ice and ended up on crutches. The plow came by and ploughed the road onto the side walk leaving the cleared part too narrow for my crutches. I lost my shit beating a chunk of ice with one of my crutches; I was tired and in pain and just wanted to get where I was going. Not my finest moment.

  37. I know it is terrible for the animals life and should be avoided. What about "skinny pigs" or hairless guinea pigs? It's got to be just as bad right???

  38. Pretty sure skinny pigs are born with fur and then go bald. There's two different breeds and one keeps fur on it's nose, they definitely have whiskers. I'm not sure how they are temp wise but I think they're fairly delicate. A lot of owners have sweaters for them and I have seen mention that they're prone to getting scratches from their hay.

  39. If you’re bleeding it you’re going to get O Neg blood. We don’t give trauma patients any other blood type until their Type and Screen comes back, at which point we can switch to a different blood type.

  40. Not true. If you're a man or a woman over 50, you're getting O pos so as to not decimate our O neg supply.

  41. Thanks for the clarification! I wanted people to understand that blood bank is not going to wait on type and screen if a patient is bleeding out lol.

  42. We do have to at least make the patient profile which where the slow down comes in though.

  43. Yep. As a woman I've been experiencing unexplained abdominal pain that comes and goes and can double me over with it's sudden arrival. I assumed it had something to do with my reproductive bits so I went to the gynecologist first. She ruled everything out so now my primary care is testing for digestive related stuff. So far we've ruled out Celiac's. Might see a digestive specialist next.

  44. Admin offices have hallways… hmm.

  45. We use the lab admin to store supplies. We've got stuff everywhere like derranged scientific squirrels.

  46. RSV would like to jump in on that convo

  47. Two weeks ago the RSVs started popping positive. It's here.

  48. Seriously. This guy doesn't know what it's like to be abandoned at the hospital. My ex husband left me alone in the ER after half an hour to go drinking with his friends and didn't come back until I was discharged.

  49. I had a similar situation (a cyst rather than a boil, and a bit off to the side) except I was in college far from any family, and had to ask an awesome friend to change my packing. We also never spoke of it.

  50. My college roommate had MRSA on her butt and the clinic left her high and dry over a 3 day weekend. I changed her packing because I didn't think going 3 days with the same dressing was a good idea. The packing I pulled out was disgusting. We were both glad I insisted on helping when we saw it.

  51. Ohh yes good for you for being a good friend! MRSA is not to be fucked with.

  52. Yeah. At the time I worked in a research lab with fungi which had worse smells. These days I get C. diff stool samples which are pretty bad but nothing tops the deqd horses when I worked at a veterinary diagnostic lab.

  53. Shit like this is so discouraging. I have no extended family. All grandparents are dead, mom’s an only child, dad had one brother who died, the other lives across the globe and they broke off contact before I was born. My brother has schizoid pd and naturally has no interest in talking to anyone. I love my parents and take care of them, but they’re old and we don’t have much in common so any get together with a potential partner will be awkward compared to most family interactions.

  54. My fiance just has his mom and his uncle who I've never met despite living a couple miles apart. He only keeps contact out of guilt and they only call him when they want something. His family situation doesn't make me judge him.

  55. Yeah, that's not the way it works. Unattractive women can easily get laid more than attractive men. They are right, you'll be getting laid as much as you want, he won't, he'll get pissy and want to close the marriage, you won't want to.

  56. I'd say my looks are middle of the road and I'm an obese woman. Still had over 100 intros on ok cupid in less than 24 hours. I briefly activated my profile in the middle of the night to screen shot my first conversation with my fiance and I got a new intro. As a woman on social dating the hard part is choosing where to spend your energy, not getting likes.

  57. I see a lot of posts with dads that essentially think "well my child doesn't want to bond with me the way *I* want them too, might as well throw the whole kid out I guess". Like dang dude, just give them space and learn their interests. Sometimes you're going to have to bond with your kids the way they want to bond.

  58. My parents know I'm interested in mycology. Last week my mom took some mushroom pictures while on vacation and sent them to me. I identified them for her. Tada, successful parent/child interaction. It's really not that hard.

  59. Because 9 is the appropriate age for the level of maturity exhibited.

  60. I thank my lucky stars every damn day that my parents didn't allow the school to have me skip grades. I was an early and gifted reader- reading and comprehension at a 5th grade level in first grade. But that was the ONLY thing that I was advanced in. The school wanted to put me, a young first grader, in FOURTH grade. Thank god they said no.

  61. My school wanted to transfer me to a gifted and talented school an hour away. My mom said no because she didn't want me disconnected from the community and have to start all over with friends.

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