1. I'm glad this isn't NSFW, now all my colleagues know this fun fact - with accompanying pictures!

  2. There's an intersection maybe 100 meters up the road. Probably should have tried there.

  3. According to Google maps, 200m so a 6 minute detour to get to the other side of the road, plus whatever it takes for lights. So 6-8 minute walk.

  4. The Video City in Newtown was the best. I remember running up and down the isles as a kid annoying everyone!

  5. A message to fellow cyclists of Melbourne: when a vehicle has its left turn signal on and has begun initiating a turn, they have the right or way. Zipping past on your bike and shouting abuse doesn't change the road rules.

  6. Was this at an intersection with a dedicated bike lane?

  7. It's rough reading some of the comments about Ryan in this thread, he's been solid for us for over 8 years and made some clutch saves for us during his career, nearly always been reliable and a good presence for the team. He makes a big fuck up in a game that we're already losing (and weren't expected to get this far anyway) and there's a bunch of people suggesting he should be subbed off or never play for us again...yikes

  8. I just made the mistake of checking the

  9. "Hahahaha it's so crazy that we promoted this dick match game to "de-stigmatize sexuuality" among teenagers. It'd be crazy if you an impressionable teenager and I nominally an adult played this in real life wouldn't it?"

  10. I'm offended, not all third world countries are lawless shitholes like California!

  11. Violent crime rates per capita are higher in 16 other US states. This includes Texas.

  12. As I understand it, many retailers no longer allow employees to mention skin color or other attributes when describing a thief either. So even documenting it doesn't accomplish anything, because no one is ever going to catch the "person of average height wearing a hoodie." Victoria's Secret is at least one company I'm aware of that has this policy.

  13. I swear I saw an article on it a while back I can't seem to find it though.

  14. You can grow a mustache (at least in the 1RTU). No beards though.

  15. A) You missed the point and b) it’s to the tune of a billion a year.

  16. How did I miss your point? I literally replied to your comment

  17. It’s not free. People are saying it’s should be free but if the government were to take over the running of the transport network then it still isn’t free. The source is just the yearly ticket sales which are over 900 million

  18. There's definitely an .apk out there that's basically a 'cracked' version, I can't remember the name of it off the top of my head - I'll see if I can find the details. Otherwise

  19. Why does anyone ever buy a ticket if you can just buy it on the off chance you run into an inspector? Providing you don't run into one every time, there's zero reason to buy a ticket. You may as well dispense with the charade at that point.

  20. You can't even get people here to pay for tickets with heavy fines. They throw rental bikes in a river. There's no way they'd just "do the right thing". If we saw 10% buying tickets I would be absolutely stunned.

  21. A futuristic Volvo Roller by myself, with some WIP shots

  22. Holy moly, just have to say you have some absolutely amazing and original work on your Instagram, will certainly give it a follow!

  23. Why is it a cyclist can complain about the 60km car but the standing pedestrian just have to suck it up when the cyclist hits them at 15-20?

  24. It's not in my head. It's a constant thing on this sub. The almighty, never wrong, cyclist complaining that they never do anything wrong. Fucking sick of it.

  25. It's a constant thing on this subreddit that people are defending them in accidents they cause?

  26. Herald Sun Facebook page has just called it. I have enough salt for life from the comments.

  27. I live out in the north west and put Lab third behind the Greens and Vic Soc. Labor just don't do enough out here, we have all the population growth but no meaningful infrastructure investment. Not enough health facilities, not enough schools, not enough PT. All the money goes to the east at our expense.

  28. Voted the same, my vote will eventually go to Labor, but hopefully it sends a message

  29. He didn't specify Software Engineers and that wasn't all of the people Twitter fired.

  30. It wasn't all correct, but it was a decent amount. I mean, Twitter IS a tech company, it'd make sense a lot of them would specialise in the software side of things. In fact 1,500-2,000 of the original 7,5000 would be software engineers if it was inline with other tech companies.

  31. Whole premise of out of touch, lazy people having to do some proper work. Pure satire.

  32. That's not satire though, comedy maybe, but not satire. That's what the right-wing like Babylon Bee actually believe.... how is that satire?

  33. Has anyone been to Southern Cross recently? On my morning commute upon arriving it's just an assault of massive advertisements everywhere.

  34. My main takeaway from this election is how needed a Murdoch Royal Commission is.

  35. Polls always skew in a left direction and generally have a margin of error of 5% to 10% in the left favor

  36. Has anyone been having problems with power? I'm in Bundoora, and over the half a year we've had 5-6 power outages, including two major ones within a few weeks of each other (one's happening right now!)

  37. I can't underestimate how entertaining this Twitter drama has been. Especially as there is the slight possibility he may lose his position as CEO of Tesla - I just wish the same could be said for SpaceX.

  38. While yes, I don't find this satisfying and I think a lot of people wouldn't either, I think your title is worded pretty terribly.

  39. Yeah I'd love this number to be true, but I'd like to see it vetted by some reliable journalists before I get my hopes up.

  40. So luckily Melbourne is a great place for language learning. Alliance Française located in St Kilda would be the best place, they're not the cheapest, but come highly recommended from most people that attend. They also have a lot of community events, so you can get involved outside the classroom.

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