1. Even worse, she looks like she’s in an office breakroom. Curse people who heat up eggs or seafood in the breakroom!

  2. If “sort by controversial” was a person.

  3. “Uncle Kenpachi” is very much one of my favorite Bleach memes. It has Shinigami Illustrated Picture Book running gag written all over it

  4. I hate lawns ripped mine out growing native wildflowers.

  5. I did the same! I’ve never seen so many different types of bees, birds and butterflies around my house. No regrets!

  6. Right isn't it magical !! And mine still has to grow together but the best thing I ever did no mowing no watering and great nature watching !!

  7. It is! It’s just awesome walking out there and seeing everything just being “alive” so to speak haha!

  8. I have too many favorites, but I’ll throw Yoda in the mixer here. Was the first Al song I heard, was about 5 or 6 years old, coming home from a Chemo appointment. Brightened my day up, and plus some of those lyrics hold true even today!

  9. That moment when you go from former lieutenant of the 12th Division straight to lieutenant Dan.

  10. “Now heres a little lesson in horn huntery…”

  11. A.) It’s terrible people have gotten killed doing this.

  12. That just screams of “For the greater good” scene from Hot Fuzz.

  13. I’ve got not one, but two “Hunka-chunka fat cats”. One is only large because of her primordial pouch and the other is just kinda built lol

  14. Always pass the dutchie 'pon the left hand side

  15. The other omicron subvariants caused this. I had night sweats first 3 nights

  16. The original strain did it too, unless I’m some sort of mutant…

  17. Yeah, Alpha variant was awful. I was sleeping with no covers, on two towels I was sweating so much. And then the chills.

  18. Same boat. Woke up one morning and it looked like I had just got out of the shower. Had to wash/dry everything, sheets, blankets, you name it. And then in fact had to jump in the shower because my teeth wouldn’t stop chattering.

  19. “She totally had both her hands” -Also, also Kreia

  20. i don't think LA Public Health is out of touch... it's just that their tools to quell the surge are very limited given how contagious this variant is. Personally i don't believe that half-measures like indoor masking that only a portion of the public will comply with will drop case counts by much. And it definitely won't protect the frail elderly who're getting hospitalized since they're not venturing out any way. But in Barbara Ferrer's mind her department has to do Something, even if it's in vain.

  21. I dunno, several of the comments in these articles seem out of touch:

  22. I read that Biden is already doing better. I think some of these people are scared Biden may actually have a mild case, which makes it even harder to justify more restrictions.

  23. As far as I’m concerned him doing better (and I hope he is) seems like it should be more of a win than anything else.

  24. Did you see how he acted in front of Komamura? The man was supposed to be his closest friend and not only did he betray him and his trust, what was the first thing that Tosen did when he was finally able to see? He insulted Komamura's appearance. Komamura's one insecurity, the fact that he looks so different from others and that he experienced discrimination for years, and Tosen uses the knowledge of this insecurity to intentionally hurt Komamura. That has nothing to do with justice or his philosophy, that's just spite and hatred.

  25. “Physically sees his friend for the first time, proceeds to call him ugly”

  26. Thank you for putting into words what I could only shower thought.

  27. Invaders be like “twinking won’t do much different” then use dual antspur to proc scarlet rot that new players have no access to their boluses

  28. Friend and I wanted to do a fresh co-op run. No gimmicks. 10 minutes into Limgrave and we faced said combo, with a ROB/bloodhound for good measure, several times. We gave ourselves stuff to counter this afterwards.

  29. Next thing you know they’re giving the DBZ live action movie an Emmy for best anime adaption. Felynes and Palamutes, living together, mass hysteria!

  30. Grey Deslisle is like THE female voice actress. She has done everything.

  31. Grey, Jen Hale and Tara Strong pretty much voiced my childhood lol

  32. Samus: Man Link, I forgot how unflattering that tunic and leggings number was on your ass.

  33. Captain Falcon: Show me yours moves…on your left!

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