1. This is probably a false hope to ask this, but any chance Pigs rift skin will come to shop? Unfortunately couldn't play at that time and she's my main :(

  2. I wouldn't completely discredit the idea I mean the fact we even got a Saw tomb should tell how cooperative the license can be for DBD

  3. Have you tried playing Onryo? She gets pallet stunned before the survivor drops it due to her Giant hitbbox.

  4. Right? Literally got stunned like 3 inches away from a pallet before as her

  5. Also, forget about window hits, she always seems to never make it in time.

  6. I don't have any issue making window hits as her. Are you sure you're not aiming too high up or something her height makes it feel like you have to aim up

  7. Personally I imagine Springtrap being a stealth killer oddly enough. Allow me to be a nerd for a second but out of all animatronics in the franchise (Exempting animatronics from games with no cameras) I think he actively tries to hide himself the MOST.

  8. You as the hero have to put them on the fun hooks! And send them to the funny party in the sky!

  9. fr they finally changed dead hard and we all just went to find something else to complain about.

  10. Which is kinda ironic because it went from something killers complain about to something survivors complain about you'd expect both these complaints to be happening simultaneously

  11. Never ask a dredge main how many times they missed a teleport and traveled all the way across the map.

  12. Oof even worse when you use the wrong TV as Sadako

  13. And killers will have brain and abuse STBFL, Overcharge, Thana and other amazing perks. The game will be miserable only to solo Q and bad killers.

  14. And if you don't have STBFL? Not everyone bought Myers ya know

  15. Bro half our community can be considered murders following this logic

  16. Bruhhhhh my man really just said "Just don't get hit"

  17. Yes... which in DBD means don't get hit which against Bubba is an instadown

  18. I am beyond confused as to why anyone cares about this controversy at all.

  19. People feel like they wasted their time grinding to P3. Especially hurts since not only did you lose a bunch of items/add-ons and offerings in the process but with the catchup system if you hadn't prestiged you would have gotten most of the benefits anyway.

  20. What really gets me is if you were gonna change the menu icon why not give us an icon with a completely different pose? It's still minor but more worthwhile than the sparkle effect

  21. full bloodwebs would make it insanely expensive to go from 1 to 50 again for next prestige, doesn't mean its the best choice they could've made but there's a reason for it

  22. After you hit P3 if you're going for any higher level you're either a completionist or main/use that character a lot. Realistically for a completionist it'd be annoying but if you main the character having no add-ons/items would be more annoying (Even if you keep them on prestiging now)

  23. The 50k to prestige is pointless. You also get shit bloodwebs after prestiging again.

  24. Honestly your Bloodweb should remain the level 50 one once you pass like P3. I can sorta understand if the first few reset but if you're aiming for like Bloody Cosmetics you probably play the character enough to actually need the bloodweb to give you a bunch of good items/add-ons

  25. By prestiging... P1-3 is the Perks, P4-6 is the Bloody Cosmetics, P7-9 is Perk Charms

  26. Can someone confirm if today will be the last time for the discounted perks/killers? I dont want to wait until 2 am tomorrow and suddenly realize that I havent done my shopping first

  27. Oh heads up but if you're planning on buying Cells there's an issue atm that makes the game not actually give them to you. Behavior already knows about it but no guarantee it'll be fixed before the 30th

  28. Solid perks but 3 are from base game people for console and clown is shards.

  29. Idk about other consoles but Clown is actually base game for Switch

  30. Not exactly the same but I felt like a dick going for that "Hit 20 people in Feral Frenzy" challenge

  31. Good to know that the DBD devs are willing to put in more effort in giving the other game more stuff than making sure their own damn game gets something more significant than a tiny charm when it comes to collabs. Also, a kid's game, really?

  32. I know for sure that Stranger Things and Alien have been in Fortnite idk how you find this surprising

  33. Honestly I get not wanting to DC as a matter of principle at that point but like... You really should have DCd the 5 minutes would have been worth it

  34. Been an entire week no Save the best for last or Bamboozle

  35. Ikr? Literally feel exactly the same except I'm looking for Play With Your Food

  36. Literally any killer can do fine at an average MMR what's your point lol

  37. "Iron Will is dead oh it's dead!" I'm sorry didn't quite catch that

  38. I'm curious if we can get the generics as Charms. Some generics like Spine Chill, NOED, and Hope have nice art I would like on a charm

  39. What if a survivor disconnects? Does that count as a kill?

  40. You know that's a good question. I'm going to assume that in relation to Ruin it will since it effectively works on the same principle that "One survivor is already out you already have a good advantage"

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