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  1. Very weird! But then again, 1 of my cats ( the only one with any orange) loves animal crackers. I figured it's the cannibal in her.🤣

  2. Yes. Those POS people are what we refer to as picture collectors. Usually that's their only motive for contacting you, once they see they aren't getting pics, or if you stop sending pics, they disappear.

  3. Why do people collect pictures? Have they not got access to the rest of the internet? Lol

  4. Right?! My guess is the sick thrill they get in being deceptive .

  5. That's a question to ask the doctor who prescribed it to you.. Even if someone in this thread is a doctor, they wouldn't make any recommendation as to dosage for you, as they don't have access to your medical history nor have they examined you. My guess is they would, however, tell you all about the potential dangers of drinking while using Cialis.

  6. Is this going to turn into debate about what squirt really is?

  7. She's got the cutest little grumpy face! Makes me want to give her some chin scritches.

  8. Thank you! We love him so much. He is obsessed with my husband. I am almost jealous, but my hubby is pretty cool so i guess its ok xD

  9. I understand. I have several cats, and each of them seem to pick their designated human, either me or my husband- all part of kitty parenting, I suppose!

  10. I told my best friend that he loves my partner more and she said "well to be fair, so do you" and i just laughed and said... ok got me there.

  11. She is! She's 12 weeks old and 3lbs. I thought she was still considered smol...

  12. For a Maine Coon, that's considered smol. She's a beauty. I had one, this pic brings back memories of his kittenhood ❤️

  13. Well they aren’t at the Walmart 😂

  14. Drinking is a symptom of my alcoholism- not drinking makes it possible for me to begin to treat my alcoholism. However, just "not drinking", for me, was pretty miserable- I really did feel restless, irritable and discontented when I tried to just not drink. I found a way to treat my alcoholism by applying 12 Steps in my life and staying active in Alcoholics Anonymous. As a result, I'm happier than I've ever been.

  15. I'm a 59 year old woman. No one who meets me the first time can believe that, which is nice. However the comments of you don't look THAT old , though meant well, can feel like a sucker punch..😉

  16. Our lifestyle calendar of parties/events fills up quickly for summer and fall, so planning is key if we want to squeeze in any other meetups with new couples. If we find couples we are interested in, we tell them to say hi to us at an event or party. We're more spontaneous in the winter and spring about meeting new couples. We like to do long weekends in fun cities and attend house parties or clubs for that.

  17. Right?! It could be it's more noticeable now that more people are comfortable getting back to swinging since the pandemic.

  18. That can happen without it being "premeditated ". For example, if the wife of one couple started her period unexpectedly she might bow out of playing. Shit happens. No big deal, join up with your wife and the husband to play if you want to play. Or reschedule the whole thing for another time.

  19. That is so sad! There's nothing more powerless than watching a beloved pet have seizures like that. That was a tough choice, but alleviating his suffering was the loving choice to make. Hugs to you, it's hard to say goodbye to our fur babies.

  20. We've never come across any lifestyle clubs with that kind of limit. (If we did, they wouldn't let us in). That's actually kind of stupid on their part, as a lot of older swingers tend to have more expendable income.

  21. I am sorry to say this, but it sounds like you need to tell HIM to "get over it" and break things off with him. His utter lack of respect for your feelings, on top of his dishonesty, shows an appalling lack in the character department. You deserve someone who really cares about you.

  22. I hated seeing Elliott go. The show was better back then, in my opinion.

  23. Spicy is expensive and they're shipping sucks!! Unless they still allow you to pick it up straight from their office.

  24. If I order from them I know not to be in a hurry. Their sales are worth it

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