1. Rich people are the cause of all problems. They are the worst and should rightly be vilified.

  2. Yea I stopped playing online deathmatch and stuff. I don't want to get stomped by kids who have put hours into a game, when I'm more casual these days. I occasionally play Rocket League with my friend, but I still am not good at it. I've not had such a hard time becoming proficient at a game as RL. It's really tough.

  3. Super computer torturing humans seems to be the theme. Whatever makes you happy I guess.

  4. For a very different reason. To AM, the torture is the entire point. To GLaDOS, it is merely the means to an end. Far more similar to the short story "Instructions" by Bob Leman.

  5. These 750,000 people are already among us. Watching, waiting, commiserating.

  6. Bring back couch co-op! It's nice to be able to play a game with friends when visiting. Remember fun?

  7. Side scrolling beat ‘em up games. Played those a ton as a kid and I really enjoyed the Scott pilgrim game when it came out.

  8. My brother and I play a fair bit of Streets of Rage 4 (although online)! It's a good one for sure. The music was done by different electronic artists so every level is a banger!

  9. Dark Souls II. They misidentified what made the first Dark Souls so popular and ended up amplifying all of the worst aspects of its gameplay. Add a plot that vacillates between nonsense and plain lazy writing, tons of group ambush fights that the gameplay isn't designed to handle, and a smattering of boring "big guy in armor" bosses, and you have the black sheep of the Souls series.

  10. DSII was a huge disappointment for me. I have a whole list of gripes with it, but you essentially said it. They made it harder and easier in ways that it shouldn't be. The bosses were terrible, map is just hallways and makes no geographic sense, and on and on.

  11. You might hurt or strain your hands in some way, bonking handpan all the time. I have done that a couple times. Also I have found that my knuckles crack a bunch after playing.

  12. I've owned a number of Walrus and EQD pedals... the main differences are sonic range and philosophy.

  13. Driving is basically a metaphor for our society. People want to get in front of you no matter what, all of the time. They can't be bothered to look away from their phones or do anything the least bit considerate. In Ohio it's especially bad, we have the worst drivers in the country. There are no vehicle inspections so you can drive the most bombed-out piece of shit that will disintegrate at any moment. I also saw some old corncob pushing his wife's car with the bumper of his truck down a busy road.

  14. A set of rollers is the best tool to center any punty or blowtube, hot or cold seal. If you stick it on and it's off, you can get the punty barely hot enough to move about a half inch away from the cold seal, and roll your good handle on the rollers and center the new punty as it spins. It's the same logic hotshops have used for thousands of years, it's a good bet to trust them.

  15. Right on. Thanks for the tip! I'll have to mess around with some techniques and hopefully get into the studio more.

  16. If you are starting out i recommend not using cold seals, you will lose more work and crack more pieces through cold seals than time you'll waste using hot seals. Once you've developed your hand skills cold seals will come naturally

  17. I went to school for glass and now I can't get a job. I've had a decent bit of experience on the torch, but haven't been able to keep it up consistently since. Also had some setbacks along the way, which I won't get into. Anyway... still n00bing it around trying to advance my skills and everything.

  18. Arcanum and I second Jagged Alliance 2 and the two KoTOR games.

  19. Arcanum is one of my all time favorites! They'd really need to balance the classes since being a gunslinger is basically impossible. I never got into the tech, either. Magick was the way to go.

  20. Do you bring your own games, and/or play party games like Telestrations or Catch Phrase?

  21. Have you eaten there recently? I think it’s completely average.

  22. That place looks sketchy as fuck, I find these comments hard to believe.

  23. Lately I've been listening to a lot of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

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