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  1. Research the effects of carbs and sugars on the production of Orexin in your gut. Switch to a low carb diet where you only consume sugar and carbs end of day. This will allow your body to continue to produce Orexin in your gut. Glucose spikes turn off the production.

  2. Hi do you have any good articles on this ?

  3. This lady has done a lot of summarization and links many studies.

  4. I would try armodafinil or adrafinil if modafinil messes with you stomach. As far as I remember modafinil interacts with orexin and manipulates wakefulness signals in the control center aka.hypothalamus . I'm assuming it's derivatives would behave similarly. Even taking a low dose of any of these alongside your Adderall could be beneficial.

  5. I tried both Armodafinil and Modafinil many times and for different periods. It wrecks havoc on my upper and lower GI systems. I haven’t tried anything lower that 50mg. But I’ve been prescribed up to 400mg a day and I don’t get the wakefulness promotions at any level after the first day.

  6. Not sure in your case but I have read that THC interrupts REM sleep and I've read a lot of people and talk to people that didn't dream when they took THC but dreamed like crazy when they stopped. Although I'm not sure if it's REM sleep that would help you be wakeful. Perhaps this is not an issue for you since you're taking other stuff in your stack to balance it.

  7. You’re right, THC does suppress REM sleep. A lot of narcoleptic patients use THC because we are in and out of REM constantly. Our sleep patterns our messed up. I was clinically recorded as falling asleep and being in REM in 2 minutes.

  8. That response suggests you already are! Have a great day internet stranger!

  9. Thank you. I am doing better now....Indica always does it for me.

  10. Oh ya! I’ve been set on Dosidos lately. Feels like medicine to me, the way it can calm my anxiety and put me into a lovely relaxation!

  11. This is the kinda situation where you gotta learn some things over on

  12. What a fun log. It must be relaxing for you to do, since it requires effort!

  13. I took 200mg before bed yesterday and I’m dragging today. I even take adderall and I’m still very tired.

  14. This is why they are pairing it with therapy, so they can control it and charge more, and it won't actually go to helping the impoverished. They can ligma and move to japan n commit seppuku.

  15. While living in an extremely capitalist society makes this inevitable. There are also groups doing important work on creating novel compounds from psilocybin and possibly changing the mechanisms of action.

  16. Are these devices actually that accurate? I’ve always done Thin Layer Chromatography.

  17. No idea. I don't own one. How do you measure using chromatography? Wouldn't that just show the presence of thc and not an actual potency? I'm no expert and haven't used either one so just curious if I'm misinformed.

  18. No, thin layer chromatography is the gold standard in chemistry. It’s a complicated process, but actually gives you the ability to measure THC levels, CBD and other cannabinoids. TLC is what most labs utilize to verify that their gas chromatography is calibrated correctly.

  19. You’ve given me a lot of confidence. Do you regularly rotate it? They don’t climb do they? I’m going to have to learn how to manage it, within its space.

  20. They grow fairly quickly and I do rotate mine. Every watering I turn it about a quarter of the way. I also have a grow light hanging from the ceiling (not 100% necessary for South facing windows but here in IA sometimes there's no sun for a few days- especially during our snow last week) to supplement or just give it more light because they are 'full sun' plants. They grow as more of a bush than a tree and you don't have to worry about climbing because they don't prefer it. It will typically grow nearly as wide as it will tall but you can easily split the plant from the roots if it becomes too large a specimen! Then you will have another plant and you can share with friends! During warmer months, you can fertilize but if you don't want it to grow too terribly quickly you shouldn't have to! Feel free to message me if you have any questions or anything in the future! I'm always happy to help as best as I can! All in all, this will be a very fun and easy one to grow for you!

  21. Thank you so much, you’ve been so very helpful! I’ll certainly take you up on that sometime!

  22. Carnivore diet and being in ketosis = calm, even energy and focus aka locked in.

  23. I cut out carbs and sugar until dinner, when I allow some in a meal. I’m not going for ketosis. I have narcolepsy. And that means I have less of the wake prompting Orexin. Which it’s production in the gut is consequently turned off by high glucose levels. So it’s imperative I keep my body producing Orexin since I have much less than a non-narcoleptic. As a result, I’ve notice a significant decrease in brain fog and the need for half the adderall dosage I was taking.

  24. I noticed that when I reintroduced carbs into my afternoon meals I felt far more rested, relaxed, calm in the mornings. Pure keto all the time had me too anxious/stress in the mornings.

  25. Oh that’s very interesting. I’m not doing it to lose weight. So I have no desire to have my body go into ketosis. I also don’t want to live that life style.

  26. I tried this, I set my alarm an hour before I would get up, took my adderall IR and it did nothing for me. I love the idea, I’m sure it works for others. But I still had intense sleep inertia and didn’t feel anymore awake.

  27. I really don’t think that’s ADHD. It’s just intense sleep inertia and all you want to do it sleep and in that moment, you are on the edge of being willing to lose your job, relationship, friendship, money, whatever….just to go back to bed.

  28. I think the title is very click bait. And most of these reactions are not permanent and not easily verifiable.

  29. I’ve used mine with my brew. Yes it will hard carbonation. Not like a soda stream for water, but it will add a little and maintain. If you leave it out of the fridge and use the co2 cartridge, it’s lovely. You can also keep it in the fridge, you’re just relying on the Co2 cartridge at that point because you’ve stopped the natural Co2 production through fermentation.

  30. Tried it with orange juice, im too scared to clean it under the tap

  31. Oh man, that’s gonna be bad lol. One user did make a decent point. Just put it over your sink and over carbonate some water and hopefully that will flush it out.

  32. I literally came here to ask what was the mistake hahaha. Sorry, I don't have an answer for you, just morbid curiosity 😅

  33. Welcome to the club! Sleep doctors are more readily able to prescribe stimulants than any other avenue. They may not want to start you out on that and initially try Modafinil or Armodafinil.

  34. Ya that was impressive. I mean it’s hard to read without messing up. He did a good job. Kinda hard to rap it, while reading verbatim, with the pauses and all. But that tweetle beetle shit was great.

  35. Wow, I am so sorry. I hope that your doctor is empathetic about your struggles can offer you some kind of solution that will allow you to feel better again. Med side effects are no joke and we shouldn’t have to suffer because of them. Hugs!

  36. This happened to me for the first few months on armodafinil, went away with a lot more water intake (which also helped the headaches go away!). I'd try to stick it out. And, make sure you're still eating enough!

  37. I’m going to try to stick it out. I try to drink a lot of water everyday and now I’m going to eat with it.

  38. Exactly as I would before pre diagnosis. Just with lots more preparation (as rested as possible) during these weeks.

  39. Same! Thankfully my family has come to expect a post meal nap for me. And when I wasn’t asleep after lunch on Thanksgiving. My Grandpa was surprised and said “should you be sleeping? You can layout on the couch if you want.” Haha

  40. I've been on Moda for over a year (3-4 days a week @ 150mg-200mg per day) and I still have to shit 3-4 times a day. It used to shit much more especially in the mornings and evenings. With that said, my diet is not that great. I skip meals alot and when I do eat it's not the healthiest of food choices. If you already have a pretty decent metabolism like me, then it may get more manageable like for me but everyone's body is different. Happy shitting

  41. Oh my friend. The other day between 9am and 12 noon. I took 8 shits. I tracked them.

  42. I really have no words, I don’t have cataplexy. I thought I was close to going through hell with my bought of health issues and intense drug resistant EDS.

  43. Instant release instead of extended. Taken every 3.5 hours, last dose no closer than 5 hours before bed

  44. Ya. I find it much easier to control than extended. Kicks in and leaves quicker. But every generic manufacturer is different. I specifically ask for aurobindo

  45. 100% agree. Extended adderall does nothing for me. I actually took my adderall sublingually today and that gave me a lot of benefits!

  46. Are you on any SSRI’s? From what I understand, they will cause you to fail your sleep study by delaying that early onset REM for some.

  47. Great question. And for me, not just caffeine, but coffee specifically makes this worse. If I do add caffeine it’s green tea so I have the L-Theanine.

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