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  1. It was likely a human speedflipping and then enabling the bot considering that the speedflip wasn't well performed

  2. My guess is they tacked some shoddy-but-fancy-looking kickoff onto a Nexto-derivitive bot to continue the scam that they're working on an SSL version.

  3. Assuming you mean Christianity/Judeasism his name is something close to "Yahweh", although the vowels are unknown since the Jews refused to speak his name aloud because it was considered too holy and their writing system doesn't use vowels.

  4. They're literally making women carry unviable pregnancies/dead fetuses to term or until they're close enough to death to "justify" giving them an abortion.

  5. I do appreciate linking your sources, however "US women are being jailed for having miscarriages" is an unbelievably misleading title.

  6. My understanding is that VSCode is fairly light and then its users actively load more and more shit onto it.

  7. Hijacking this comment to remind programmers to disable telemetry settings for additional performance increase. It's in File -> Preferences -> "Telemetry settings". Microsoft silently introduced enabled-by-default telemetry about a year ago and most programmers who use the program don't even realize it's there.

  8. Telemetry is basically a system that transmits analytical data to a remote server for analysis. Analytical data being, of course, whatever information sits on your computer that the company wants to log. Personally, I prefer the older name for this type of program: spyware.

  9. Since bots are technically possible, you should create a bot option that allows participants in dedicated play areas to compete against bots. Further allow bot vs bot so developers can compete against other developers.

  10. There is a community effort that is pretty close to what you're describing. Would be cool if there was an online pool of bots similar to what codingame does.

  11. It kinda sucks that they banned people too that used the bot in exhibition and private matches only. Any way to appeal something like this if that was the case?

  12. This particular bot Nexto has weak aerial play. You can download and play against it on rlbot.com.

  13. Nexto is gc and I'm pretty sure they already made a ssl one

  14. No SSL bot to my knowledge. There is a big gap between GC1 and SSL.

  15. I'm sorry, but did you miss that this cheat client now allows you to let Nexto take over a play at the touch of a button?

  16. I didn't. However, the notion that Nexto can flip reset (as this user seemed to suggest) was pretty laughable.

  17. Nexto is GC1-GC2 overall. Its dribbles and flicks are way beyond GC1 level, bit as you said, its positioning and anything in the air beyond simple aerials is much lower. But some aspects of its play are definitely SSL/pro level and beyond and that's all you need for a hack like this to be a tangible advantage for even pros.

  18. The day I see a pro dribbling at 20 kph towards net before flicking the ball perfectly past the first defender into the second, I'll believe you. Nexto has a unique playstyle, so if you put it in a situation it's never seen before it flounders (e.g, try not going for kickoff, 50% of the time it'll just roll the ball to you).

  19. Basically every Western household has access to at least one decent computer and internet connection. How about we give people some teeth to bite the Russians back? Let us join in on the Ukrainian cyberattacks, it would be my honor to shut down a bunch of vatniks.

  20. PSA: Unless you know what you're doing, don't actually participate in cyber warfare.

  21. I literally ported your code to JavaScript this morning, here's a

  22. I look forward to the youtube video of someone going in depth line-by-line explaining every detail of the garbage fire we've created.

  23. Could you make it Linux friendly please ? My eyes bleed to see those “winsound” I can’t even test 😭

  24. Fine, I'll try something else then. And if your speakers are muted in the video of you running the code, I will find a way to stub your toe through the internet. :shrug:

  25. Your error handling is not idiomatic. Don't return an Error turned into a string; either return the original error or a new error type you define in your own library.

  26. As the person who created the original encoding, I can speak to this. The reason it's restricted to ascii was because in the original encoding I needed to make the decoder super code-golfable. The range of combining characters used (

  27. Can we add a tab to space converter to the compressor?

  28. The most recent version of the compressor, among several other improvements, does have a space to tab converter, although it does issue a warning if it detects tabs in the original file.

  29. You lost me on the if/else, what's going on there?

  30. chr(((h<<6&64|c&63)+22)%133+10) is fewer characters but does the same thing as 0xLF if (h<<6&64|c&63)+32 == 0x7F else (h<<6&64|c&63)

  31. What font, if I may? I want to see just how tall this E is...

  32. It's UTF-8, and python is completely fine with it (I've tested).

  33. Dang that's crazy. I'd like to see some dank ass programs written in it for fun.

  34. Clearly you don’t understand what free speech is.

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