1. I was expecting Morales by KO round 1 but this is good.

  2. I do(and every one at that) but will be streaming this weekend.

  3. I’m Mexican and don’t use it but it’s kinda hard not to when I’m bumping 03 greedo and he says it every other word lol

  4. My wife posted an old baby carrier we had, somebody messaged her asking if they could have it free and we reluctantly said yes.

  5. We’re gonna wish Vince was back in charge in a year or two. 5? 10? We’ll probably be a decent spot but I honestly would’ve rather had Vince keep in control because of how much WWE is his baby.

  6. Some say it was Aliens. They wanted a deal he wouldn't give them. He actually died from a gravitron bullet which is why the trajectory doesn't make sense.

  7. I’d just take the free ps5 and let them take the loss on 1 system.

  8. I’ve had this happen when I completely took mine apart. Turns out I didn’t have the atty screwed on just right. Can’t be to lose or to tight so just mess with it a bit

  9. Walked outside last night to my girl/mother of my two kids hanging out with some dude outside of his van in the middle of the night … this isn’t the sub but I’m just fucken broken. Hopefully these fights cheer me up.

  10. I’ve been crying all day dude. It’s terrible. Haven’t been able to focus on any fight at all.

  11. He beats Chase Sherman, Parker Porter, and loses to most of the newer HW.

  12. The reason he could compete with people in higher weight classes and years younger is because it’s considered disrespectful in Thai culture to try and knock an OG like Sanchei’s head off. I think it’s dumb personally, because he gets to work whatever he has left and the other person is kinda hoping to sorta land but not really.

  13. Pretty safe but I’d say Aljo or Gane if anything. Those two I could easily see losing

  14. I would just try focusing on a few places you’re interested in working in/for, google the drug test policy and see if it’s a piss, oral swab, or hair follicle test.. the piss test is super easy, just grab some quick fix. The swab is easy as well, just don’t smoke for a day or two and you’ll test clean. The hair test I’ve never done.. I work at a warehouse making 52k a year not including OT

  15. I think poodle hair is gonna surprise a lot of people in this fight. Yan didnt seem motivated last time out and Sean knows how big of an opportunity this is. I still have Yan by TKO in round 4 or 5 but I could see Sean getting a decision with some big moments throughout the fight

  16. Curtis fights this Saturday morning, on UFC London in the co main event against Jack Hermansson

  17. Boxing rounds go fast, I’m taking a shit and I know ima miss at least two rounds

  18. Guys he stole protein powder, not a car, not anything crazy. Is he stupid? Definitely. But it shouldn’t be the straw that breaks the camels back for his wrestling career lol

  19. I need more sesh spots. Mine are currently just at home or anywhere at the beach haha

  20. I left to make popcorn after the first round and came back to Matt getting the W wtf

  21. Brock killed the Alpha Academy.

  22. An ounce of flower or bubble hash? All in one press?

  23. Flower. And not necessarily in one press but I’d like to be able to press at least like 4-5 grams of flower at a time

  24. Maybe he just needs money for drugs so he's selling it cheap

  25. I lost my job and had to make my car payment so I sold my Xbox Series X for 300. Sad times

  26. If we’re nitpicking, Starks should slow down when delivering his promos. It felt like he was talking a mile a minute

  27. Why would somebody doing a hit go talk to the victim first, then leave and come back and kill him?

  28. To scoop the spot or maybe he was nervous first time he went into the store.. he left, said fuck it, and came back dumping no questions asked

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