1. He really could have bounced back without the lawsuits, just by going around running his mouth telling everywhere that Amber defamed him and he didn't actually abuse her. But he chose this, and I hope he will be still here for repercussions of his actions just like Bill Cosby, OJ and others. This trial was a phenomenon, the evidence of Amber's suffering from his abuse and Johnny's witnesses lying are so much on the surface that random strangers on the internet spot it, there will be documentaries and books done about this for sure. This will go mainstream sooner or later especially if Amber wants it. She just needs to collaborate with a good journalist for this.

  2. fr, Hollywood doesn't mind abusers . after his divorce he could of gone to rehab, get in shape and stop harrassing amber and his career would be fine. this is alllllll on him.

  3. Pedro pascal, Oscar Isaac, And Keanu Reeves seem cool

  4. His race is undetermined. He’s not a “white person.” He’s multiracial.

  5. Not only that, but they could be barred from entering certain countries. That happened to RDJ for drug offenses, and Ezra Miller has committed violent offenses in Germany, Japan, and other countries.

  6. No offense but am I the only one who dislikes her for no apparent reason

  7. What did I tell y’all??? And y’all was supporting this man like it wasn’t obvious that he ain’t shit

  8. It’s absolutely fascinating (in the worst way) what Zaslav is doing at WBD. This man is basically running the studio right into the ground for truly baffling reasons.

  9. They are essentially HELPING Netflix. Hell, maybe Netflix will buy the shows they are canceling since they have a lot of fans that are angry

  10. I Still think reva should’ve been killed by Vader

  11. For Netflix originals, the verified audience score are from limited screenings, all audience is a better metric

  12. Army of the dead is one of the worst zombie movies I’ve ever seen

  13. Why would it lean pro Amber? Also one of the cast members made fun of Amber during the trial

  14. He doesn’t work on the show anymore I think.

  15. Yeah and also because Amber doesn't have stans who waste their PTO and money on travelling to watch a trial as if it were a circus.

  16. I actually live in Virginia but still too far to go without missing work. Even then, I can’t afford to miss work, we are literally in a recession and I don’t waste my time on that. Also I feel like depp Stan’s are violent

  17. I wanna make a post about it so bad and I know y'all are going to eyeroll when I bring race into this but seriously let's just do a side by side shall we?

  18. i don't agree that it is exclusive to the UK. it's a slur in America too just not as big. HOWEVER a lot of people don't realize it's a slur here in America so it's used a lot so i doubt Beyonce knew. Beyonce was in the right to change the lyric and shouldn't be cancelled Britney just became free again, there's a chance she literally doesn't know about the trial bc she's a busy woman. a lot of other shit on her mind than Depp.

  19. There's no chance Britney was unaware of the whole Depp situation. She was deleting comments about how Depp was an abuser and how wrong she was for defending him. Even if somehow she missed the trial, she saw the comments to her Instagram. And how is she busier than Beyonce? Britney is essentially retired with time to play on Instagram - Beyonce has three small kids, a fashion line, is actively recording and realizing a world tour.

  20. I did not know about the deleting part. that's weird. i said she was busier bc she's busy with her book, her new song that's about to come out with Elton, the whole family drama, etc. i NEVER said she was busier than Beyonce.

  21. same, idek why I was banned and they won't rest to my appeals. no bots or anyone will respond and tell me why I'm banned

  22. I was just un banned this morning. My trick was to keep making appeals and follow up emails detailing every bit of the situation I was in

  23. i would not be surprised if certain allegations come out about him 😕

  24. Hi, I logged into Twitter today and found my account suspended for no reason. I contacted the assistance saying that I have not done anything and specifying that these days are happening to me Hacking episodes happening.

  25. help! i got suspended but i don't know why?? i woke up and i was banned and it didn't tell me why and when I appealed, they never responded? does that mean someone is looking into it? my case number is 0282410740

  26. i feel like this post is more for deuxmoi than for here. it's pretty chill here

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