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  1. Yeah all good, thanks for asking broski. The wifey found out how much I spend on weed per year and gave me the ultimatum of her or the weed. As much as I love getting high/lifestyle and all the benefits of this miracle plant, she’s too good to me to put that before her. I went through 8k just this summer between here and Michigan 😟. Gotta walk the line for awhile.

  2. Thanks for your input. Keep this forum toxic while I’m away 😉

  3. I don't understand how they can list this as a Sativa strain with Myrcene being the dominant terpene

  4. Sativa and indica are outdated and with more and more science those terms will become obsolete. I believe in the future we will be buying strictly on terpene profiles, which makes your point legit

  5. I agree that pure Sativa's and pure Indica's are very rare but they are definitely not outdated and most experienced buyers will be looking at the cannabis terpene profiles but I don't think it would be just that alone.

  6. A worldwide dose of Psilocybin would cure Everything 😎🦅💪🏻🤔👀

  7. I like Buckeye but does anyone else feel like after your first session you begin to notice all the pesticides in the grow? No other Cultivar does this to me but Buckeye. Just a thought...

  8. I feel like I can notice this sometimes. I notice a weird chemical-ish background scent in their jars, I have especially noticed with the sativas.

  9. I’d rather make top shelf flower rosin at this quality than pay over double for hash rosin. It’s the same stuff if you can manage to not squish plant fats in it.

  10. Think all AMERICAN’s can say YES!! to Freedom of Speech and Cannabis?! Please point me to somewhere I can make a living!? if not I’m a Rosineer

  11. If I could make a living pressing I wouldn’t be mad for a side hustle it’s just personal rn but I agree FREEDOM first and weed is a fuck yeah

  12. I've tried contacting the news but don't think I contacted right person/department. I do think they will pay attention though the more patients contact them. The more we all come together the harder it will be for them to ignore us

  13. We could all buy Rosin Presses and never buy inflated Extract prices ever again. Have any of you made any steps other than bitching on here? I no longer buy Concentrates or shitty flower from Ohio. I'll drive to Vassar Michigan and get sticky ass real deal flower for 210/Oz

  14. Fuckin spot on! I’m moving from a med legal state and it’s just as fucked as Ohio’s. Stop waiting for them to stop profiting from your health and learn to grow. You can literally grow in 5gal buckets and small totes.

  15. 😂 Please do, i’m becoming quite obsessed and this isn’t cheap!

  16. You don't have quality buds if you aren't happy with your Rosin returns. Sorry!

  17. This might be one of the first strains when I slid over to the pic of the bud I said “oh shit” out loud. Looks great

  18. My pics don’t do it justice either, really beautiful stuff though 🔥

  19. Reeks of piney berry with the end just like sour blue D. Not sure if that’s the Linalool?? But fuck its really good!

  20. Just grabbed some yesterday. The budtender told me it would'nt hit very hard lol and tried to steer me to the 93$ 5.66 Glad I saved money and a wonderful strain!

  21. I’ve pressed hundreds of strains some definitely give off better quality I’ve actually written a few off and threw their clones away to come and find out that they made the best rosin I had a strain that would press into diamonds but it didn’t look and smell anything impressive as flower

  22. Yeah very interesting for sure. Enjoy the strain was just bummed it came out very different from my expectations. Such a fun hobby, can’t wait till we can grow and press in Ohio

  23. No issue! haha just an observation. Yes, from what I've researched they will press differently but the darker is usually bc of shittier quality bud or older. I was surprised bc it felt really sticky and smelled good but once pressed it told a different story. Of the 5 strains I've pressed, Slap Wagon was the only one to come out dark and not very tasty, effects are good though.

  24. Right around 20 % should increase with micron bags when they arrive so i can press more at a time but I did an 8th of slap wagon yesterday and got .7 back. So that works for me 🤙

  25. Haven’t tried blueberry but I’ve heard a lot I wonder if it’ll be everything every one said

  26. I got blueberry cookies, snowball, second breakfast, split vanilla and northern lights I already had snowball and second breakfast I’ve also had northern lights smalls I tried split vanilla I enjoyed so blueberry the only one I’ve never tried but I hope it lives up to all I’ve heard

  27. Damnnnn lol 😝 How do you like Firelands flower? Sticky? Been awhile since i’ve had their flower. Big fan of their Hash rosin

  28. Of Course! It’s so satisfying to do it yourself!! Good luck and send some pics! i’ll be posting some next few days, cheers 🍻

  29. What kind of parchment paper are you using? I recently got the 6 ton and I pressed an eighth and it leaked through my parchment and I got like half a dab. I was using some grocery store paper.

  30. Kirkland brand parchment paper from Costco. 2 rolls for 10$ It’s just Culinary grade parchment paper 🤙. i’m sure you can find it elsewhere. just make sure it’s culinary grade or food grade not the Aldi’s parchment paper! Although I love me Aldi!!

  31. Thank you and I appreciate it a lot for the quick response.

  32. Don’t trust the budtenders advice. They seem to never ever try anything you ask about but recommend the most expensive shitty product. just and fyi. ps. The bud tender today did save me from purchasing a Half O of dry ass Curaleaf that was on sale. So i guess i should say that, i guess i just thought the medicinal program was geared towards patients etc etc not patients wallets. but that was my mistake to learn.

  33. Their Kush Mints is a good one. I would put it on par with Klutch for how dry the bud was. Could’ve been a bit more sticky but not too dry.

  34. Botanist has 20% off Curaleaf today. Gonna snag a half of the Kush mints, thanks for the recommendation!!

  35. I got this today. Rainbow chip x Mint chip. fruity and minty. Focused and strong 💪🏻 They are smalls and half the nugs are really sticky half were so so. Still really satisfied with everything from Certified.

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