1. Why should we be taxing people more based on the size or location of their house rather than their income?

  2. If you buy a nicer car, you do pay more tax (vat) on it than a cheaper car.

  3. It's somewhat sickening that labour and tories cannot help but stick the knife in. As if this is something the SNP want to do. And of course they will batter them with leaflets regarding it. "SNP CUT YOUR BUDGETS!!", forgetting that the budget is set by them, in westminister.

  4. The scot gov budget is not set, they just do not want to raise taxes on middle class people who they're trying to win over to independence.

  5. Truss' dad was a PhD educated professor of pure mathematics at Leeds University, hardly 'humble origins' IMO

  6. Apparently both her parents are to the left of the Labour Party.

  7. So Truss is a secret deep-state plan to destroy the Tory party?

  8. Im not ruling it out as a possibility.

  9. I was pointing out that to to the average private sector tax paying individual the suggestion that the unions within the UK are less powerful within Europe is surprising.

  10. Yeah most people don't know about the political economy of other countries.

  11. Btw, for the most part rail unions are made up of private sector workers and all of their members pay tax.

  12. Female specific sports leagues can't be destroyed to cater to people's feelings.

  13. If allowing 6 trans women to play would destroy an entire league, then it's a shit league which shouldn't exist.

  14. If only 6 people are affected; then seems like on a balance of harm basis banning them is the best approach.

  15. It really is. This is an absolute non-problem

  16. Everywhere in Glasgow is a safe place to stay.

  17. I would just like to point out

  18. The exception that proves the existence of the rule.

  19. That kind of reveals how bad a comparison home insurance is.

  20. Nuclear deterrence has a lot of problems as a concept except one: it appears to works

  21. Why didn't Russia invade Finland or Sweden?

  22. This is worse than Thatcher. She at least understood that people should have a voice, even if she didnt want to adapt to their desire. So far here the Tories have banned "noisy protests" and protests within vicinity of "important sites". So that means you can be arrested for going too close to No.10, or for raising your voice so others can hear the message. Steve Bray has fallen victim to this.

  23. Thatcher made it illegal for any TV or radio stations to broadcast anything said by any Sinn Fienn MPs.

  24. Best idea is to just find somewhere outside the west end/city center for the time being and then move again if you find somewhere better after term starts again.

  25. There are literally no legitimate businesses in Glasgow. Everything is money laundering.

  26. 6 dessert shops in a town of 50,000 sounds about right tbh.

  27. 8,000 odd people per shop seems like totally reasonable number to support a business.

  28. Don’t worry, if the Maths and English retakes go well, maybe you could be one too.

  29. Yeah, champ, I was being pretty patently sarcastic. You only need to pass GCSE Maths and English but, no, you’re right, they’re the real cream of skilled, intelligent workers.

  30. I don't know what it is about the idea of manual workers having skills that irks you so much. A frustrated sense of superiority, I suspect.

  31. What do cyclists do when they arrive at work soaked and freezing? Do their offices have showers and locker rooms?

  32. Wet wipes and deodorant stashed in the loo/ desk drawer.

  33. Yeah, non-cyclists seem to think it's a massive work out and you end up a sweaty mess. It really isn't. I shower before cycling. There's no need once I get to work.

  34. I remember reading that there are basically no Cyclists in Amsterdam.

  35. Illegal behaviour from employers is incredibly common in hospitality.

  36. Is is maybe so that it's facing the sun/ argyle street.

  37. They didn't check, he asked to be removed. I'm inclined to believe they didn't bother to check for any of their clips.

  38. You don't generally need the permission of absolutely every person who appears in a clip.

  39. It was more a comment on it being a dick move to pull people into your political campaign without their consent, rather than the legalities of if she is liable for anything (which I am not remotely versed in).

  40. Every single campaign in the world uses images of people without checking if they actually support the campaign.

  41. But not just one religion and don’t have prayers etc daily . This is where segregation starts

  42. Catholic schools don't have prayers daily.

  43. I am very well informed actually. Segregation is as bad today as it has been. To say otherwise you have blinkers on mate. Football splits is as always, Orange walks. Fights because of religion. It all starts with splitting people us by being catholic and non catholic. Schools should all be nondenominational- period.

  44. That's an incredibly weird view of the world to want to cling to.

  45. The queues are a bit ridiculous but if people don't prepare themselves for the forecasted weather that's their problem.

  46. It the responsibility of the organisers to deal with predictable issues like this.

  47. I'm not so sure tbh, I think it does benefit them in the long run if you consider the likelihood that if they gained a majority in the next GE, the subsequent one could land them in opposition for another decade if they struggle to clean up the mess the Tories have caused. It's a popular policy especially with the younger generation and to definitively rule it out would be short sighted. Labour doesn't need to necessarily put it on the table, just not openly pledge to never reform the voting system.

  48. The problem is that it's to the disadvantage of the specific Labour MPs we have now.

  49. One thing I like about STV is that you can still argue that you have local representation. It's not quite as local as the current system, but merging 3 or 4 constituencies into a single multi-member constituency still keeps all of those MPs relatively close to you.

  50. We could just use local council boundaries.

  51. Maybe a radical option would be to pass a law and make land under b-listed developments owned by the local authority so that if the buildings fall apart, the owners are left with nothing.

  52. It would be a great idea, but the Scot Gov is in fact against any rebalancing of power away from property owners.

  53. It was the site next door that had the planning application.

  54. I’m going to a wedding on a Thursday and my wife is driving, we’re not sure where the best place to park is, if anyone can help that would be great.

  55. The Secc west carpark is right next to swg3 - you just take the bridge over the dual carriageway.

  56. Football crowds are probably the best behaved crowds in Scotland considering how many people actually go to football matches.

  57. Almost everyone who complains about 'the vow' being a lie, is someone who voted yes anyway.

  58. Also loads of people understood the promise of more devolution to be fulfilled by the Smith commission.

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