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  1. That sounds so awesome and close to the original! Did you figure out the chords by ear by any chance?

  2. Thank you dude! Mostly by ear and watching live shows of this song.

  3. Goddammit. Ite melko vassarina henkilönä sanon et oon iha helkkarin pettyn muun vasemmiston ulosantiin liittyen Natoon ja koko Ukrainan tilanteeseen. On niitäkin joilla on oikea idea tästä mutta myös näitä jotka ihan suoraan tukee Venäjää.

  4. Amazing video! As a fellow Finnish lefty i've been really disappointed in a large portion of the left on how they've reacted to the invasion of Ukraine and how they've failed to see Russia as a imperialist state. For many socialism seems to boil down to: "US and NATO bad".

  5. Damn, i know what my next impulse purchase is gonna be next month.

  6. Western military doctrine: Communication, well-trained troops and officers, frequent exercises, combined arms, lots of technology

  7. To be fair, the Russian army now identifies as was/were

  8. Ahh, what a feeling to be a relatively healthy 22-year old Finnish male

  9. Do you get poor choppy performance both on menus and in race? I have similiar setup as you except 1600x processor and the game is now unplayable. I can't access the controls menu in game for some reason. I haven't found yet anything to improve performance. The game runs great on thinkpad x230, so that poor old thing is my dedicated rally rig until I get the game working on my pc.

  10. I have the exact same issue as you. :( The controls menu doesn't work for me either. So frustrating.

  11. My favourite is when as a kid i got my PS2. I know, not PC related but my fondest memories come from playing and occasionally raging at Ratchet and Clank. :)

  12. Location? I might be able to get there

  13. 21 here. Gotta say Johnny Marr is probably the most influential for me. Some others are Mike Kinsella from American Football and Mark Kozelek from Sun Kil Moon since they introduced alternative tunings for me.

  14. Really good job, and I say this as someone who isn't even a big fan of the song. You nailed it.

  15. Yeah, i use the 3D pro on the F-16C and use a bunch of modifiers on my keyboard and the hat switch to access the various HOTAS functions.

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