Russians vandalizing this Ukrainian refugee center in Spain (Barcelona) with fascist markings is an excellent reminder why no Russian citizen should be having a privilege of EU visas or residence permits. Apply for asylum or go home to fix your fascist mess of a country.

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  1. I love how it’s just like a human child that thinks they’re helping when they’re really not

  2. Soon Ukraine will have more russian tanks than the russians!

  3. The African black-bellied pangolin Phataginus tetradactyla feeds almost exclusively on ants, and it is the only known species of pangolin whose diet does not depend on termites.

  4. What a heady mix Russian army is. They throw in raw conscripts, murderers, rapists, drug addicts, and now 300,000 more reservists of which many must have respectable jobs they will lose. What a shot in the arm for morale! "Here new conscript, you will join regiment with Igor the murderer of 20 women and Ivan the drug addict who still looks like a raccoon even though he's cured."

  5. Despite the apparent antiquity of these machines, they received a fairly good upgrade.

  6. Slovenia will deliver 28 M55S tanks to Ukraine and receive 40 German-made transport vehicles in return.

  7. Feeling that she cannot feed three chicks, the stork mother chooses the weakest one and throws it out of the nest so that the remaining ones get more food.

  8. He pulled on both of their ears!!!! Interesting! Meaning that's okay

  9. I'm shocked, look at how the elder called for peace.

  10. The enormous mammals dive up to 500 metres beneath the surface, then lunge into the swarms of tiny krill (fish) above them at several metres per second. As they strike, their massive mouths fill with huge volumes of water, including plenty of krill(fish). The water is pushed out through the filters, or baleen, in each whale’s mouth, trapping the krill(fish).

  11. That's not startled, in startled there's initial period of shocked an attempt to run away

  12. Who's this...? What're you doing in my territory🔥

  13. Its like the cat had complete control of how its body would land within a short time. I played this video many times already. I find that amazing really.

  14. The diet of dwarf marmosets Callithrix consists mainly of gum and tree sap, but sometimes they also eat fruits, flowers, nectar and insects. This marmoset has encountered a grasshopper and is completely confused, mistaking it for a reality-defying "walking leaf".

  15. Putin is killing innocent Souls. I know he will soon be in the Hague to answer crime against humanity

  16. So these cladding had been in used for a long time.

  17. Caterpillar turned snake, good evolutionary decision but you're overdoing it on the venom ffs

  18. You're right, first time I saw it I thought it was a centipede

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