1. Everyone's noticed the rise in houses exploding this year I assume. It's not a giant leap to guess why.

  2. About as tone deaf as the Republicans in the US who keep using Gary Glitter music at their election rallies.

  3. His music is used all the time in the US, they really don't know.

  4. Because they're only supposed to be homophobic, right?

  5. 'I never thought leopards would eat MY face,' sobs woman who voted for the Leopards Eating People's Faces Party.

  6. "They said they'd stop the foreign leopards getting in and I didn't think British leopards would eat my British face!"

  7. This is rather long, but if you want a really depressing read about the governments treatment and attitudes towards disabled people -

  8. I've had a work limiting disability for coming on 8 years now.

  9. I got 0 points for mobility, because the person assessing me didn't understand chronic fatigue at all and/or didn't give a shit because they've got targets to hit.

  10. Generally, shared use pavements are 3m wide and regular pavements are often below the supposed 1.5m minimum. But in any case, a child cycling on the pavement isn't endangering anyone.

  11. I assume that's just best practice and can be ignored completely or is my local council breaking the rules?

  12. Since 2020 in England, and 2021 in Scotland, the 3m rule can't be ignored for government-funded projects. Councils are, of course, free to waste their money on whatever shit they want to build.

  13. I mean, the guy works in maintenance. It's clear he needs to travel to work, you can't expect a company to let him walk, bus or cycle as it would cost too much time. They could have a driver and a mate but you're assuming the mate is qualified to drive, that's assuming that that's their standard operating procedures as opposed to individual travel. Again, can't expect the company to foot that bill. So unless they retrain, probably at tax payer expense, they still need to travel for work.

  14. There are endless jobs that don't require any training before hand or being able to drive.

  15. A blank driving ban would result in him not able to work and pay the fines etc, most likely the reason why no driving ban as incident had nothing to do with the van directly as well

  16. All road rage incidents should be met with a permanent ban, as they've proven in the most visible way possible that it is not safe for them to be allowed on the roads.

  17. Far safer than it is today. I remember when a child getting stabbed by another child was huge news that dominated the headlines for weeks. Now it is practically a daily occurrence.

  18. Imagine being so awful that the other cunts think you're being too cunty.

  19. No judgement but Im not sure I'd be routinely shopping at Sainsburys on benefits neither would I be getting food delivered. Best get a taxi from Aldi or Lidl....

  20. He has cystic fibrosis, so there's a good chance he's really not terribly well and shopping for himself might not be an option.

  21. Damn, he does look young for his age, but surely not so young that he cant buy cigarettes?

  22. "His health is reported to have taken a turn for the worse after the death of his beloved poodle earlier in the year"

  23. It's a really good scheme given one of the key issues of being poor is the difficulty in having an emergency fund for unexpected expenses. Without one life can be extremely unstable as you rock from crisis to crisis.

  24. It is, but for the caveat that the poorest aren't eligible.

  25. Ahh yes, it couldn't be that they just work unconventional hours, days or shifts.

  26. It's not politics, it's science. Is science not within he remit?

  27. He believes in homeopathy and other fanciful bullshit, so science isn't really his area.

  28. That's great, I'm sure he's very happy with the results:)

  29. In Australia all benefits are increased at the rate of inflation. Inflation is around 6% so benefits were increased 6% last week.

  30. Benefits were linked to inflation (CPI) in the UK until 2012. Stopping it was supposed to be a temporary measure until they fixed the economy, they never did.

  31. Maternity pay is 154 a week!? How the fuck do they expect normal working people to have kids?

  32. I'm surprised it's even that much and not just the £77 people get on UC.

  33. "She said: "No one asked for this. C4 (Channel 4) sale, online safety, BBC Iicence fee review, all signed off by Cabinet all ready to go, all stopped"

  34. Wasn't that Mad Nad rather than Patel?

  35. That'd go nicely with their usual "Just stop being disabled or die"

  36. I guess they did the maths and realised they don't have an infinite majority.

  37. Id be astonished if the government didn't do something obviously stupid or corrupt at this point.

  38. Yeah, there's nothing astonishing about this, it's exactly what you'd expect them to do.

  39. Everyone is being so unreasonable! We don't know for sure that she doesn't have a magical money tree, so there's still hope!!

  40. I assume this is the Treasury promoting throupling...or perhaps quadroupling.

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