Lmao no one succeed though

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  1. As a rule I never stay behind vehicle transport trucks, or any open cargo semi with strapped down items.

  2. Or idiots in pickup trucks full of loose crap

  3. I put it the dryer on low heat and throw in 2 packs of dryer balls (ie friend sheep) and run it 2x and then maybe once more on No-Heat. The wool balls work great for fluffing the down but don’t break the feathers like tennis balls will.

  4. Agreed. There's multiple other factors in play here besides the structure. I think this as actually a terribly dangerous idea and likely very illegal wherever this is located. I was simply stating that it would not be all that difficult to engineer a proper structure to support a helicopter on your roof. However live loads, dead loads, uplift, downdrafts, fire rating and even air space violations make this an even more absurd idea for a residence.

  5. All you need is a large backyard and you have none of these issues, geez.

  6. Which summit is this off of? Looks like a great day.

  7. Copper is a lot more expensive than steel, this is why most of the things you see are just steel. Also steel is harder and more tough. It depends on the application. But a copper coating or making door knobs of brass instead of steel would be very helpful for often touches surfaces by different people.

  8. I know stainless steel is pretty lacking in this regard, it is however pretty non reactive so it’s easy to clean with strong detergents etc.

  9. You’re 100% right. I was incorrect in my assertion about hospital knobs, so I looked it up and edited my comment.

  10. Yup, looking at star lake and Madison from the base of the star lake trail. Always a place I never want to leave

  11. If you look closely at the room it’s not a circle, it’s an oval. Any carpenter who has worked extensively with radius and oval structures will tell you that an oval is much more difficult to layout than a circle. Circle you can just stick a nail in the floor and pull a tape measure around to get your pattern, alternatively you can use an arc radius calculator to get reference points and lay it out with a framing square or T square.

  12. Some bent on via kerning but someone measured out the room and had alotta the pices made completely wrong at that lol

  13. *kerfing (I think autocorrect screwed you)

  14. No, that's Bane. You're thinking of Abel's brother from the Bible.

  15. No, that’s Kane, you’re thinking of that blueberry-faced dude who dresses like a clown and rules with an iron fist.

  16. Anyone know the story behind this? Is it just a Photoshop job or does this actually exist somewhere? Maybe a movie prop or some crazy dude/dudette working out of a shop? I'd love to know more

  17. They scaled up the train 2x it’s size to photoshop it unto the tank treads. The proportions are all wrong.

  18. “Up to 6 weeks” should not be a shade of green. It should be red/orange.

  19. We should not use Red-Green scales. That makes the map useless for colorblind people.

  20. I don’t disagree, but they probably wouldn’t be enjoying this sub very much anyway.

  21. I prefer the Zinc stuff, also acts as a sacrificial anode.

  22. So if there’s any electrical charge it will wear out?

  23. So this is a great example of Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA).

  24. I want to argue with you, but you’re right.

  25. Get a few scotch-brite pads in white, green, and maroon. The different colors are different grits, and you can use them to bring the sheen down. I usually find that green is the right one. White doesn’t scuff enough, and maroon is a little too much.

  26. I find that green turns any white grout or latex paint green.

  27. Definitely not. I also want to hang with them.

  28. I keep waiting for the time when the person setting the board uses a much thicker or harder piece but it never happens.

  29. Well with the exception of power we were the ones who had to fix it. Definitely charged extra for those repair bills.

  30. I was a surveyor for a utility company. You shouldn't be basing any ground disturbances on old asbuilt surveys. Always have a locator sweep your site. You don't know if the survey you're given is correct. It might have been, but subsequent work done in the area disturbed the line and a new asbuilt wasn't conducted. Or the line was picked up with a handheld GPS like a Garmin by the foreman of the team setting the line, while he was standing in the excavation and taking single GPS shots from 4 satellites.

  31. Are they still? I wonder if I don't get them cause I'm an accountant or because I finally bitched enough that they turned them off for me. I get a red dot on my notices button... no pop ups any more.

  32. Maybe they fixed it since I tried QBO last year, or maybe you have a more expensive subscription that cuts back on the ads. I was paying $30 and month, and they were trying to push me into the $75 a month package just to type a job name on a receipt, so maybe you’re using the (now) $80 or $180 a month tier that doesn’t harass you as much.

  33. Yes, I agree with you - QBO seems amateurish in many ways. The advertisements are insulting. And, I get the impression QBO will constantly try to sell more product to the user at every turn.

  34. Definitely try the desktop version of quickbooks. It’s nothing like QBO.

  35. You are still supposed to enter the front train car and pay but many people done especially during rush hour because it would take too long to filter everyone back. They should have had card readers at all entrances at least to collect fares in the back too 🤷🏼‍♂️

  36. During rush hour, most people have a monthly pass, so it doesn’t really matter; they’ve already paid for the whole month.

  37. OK, but orange like the color of your urine after a night of drinking.

  38. Go straight to the auto road and stick out your thumb.

  39. Well, it’s only a mile or so away. I’m sure if someone is going to give you a ride, they’ll… go the extra mile.

  40. Ouch. Does anyone else feel a little burned?

  41. Agreed. Bitch at people and tell them to return to office because the city needs daytime worker $ on one hand, and then destroy something that could’ve been sold for significant $ for the sake of political theater on the other.

  42. Only if they’re shipped at least 1000 miles before being released, like a bear that’s been fed too many times.

  43. There are areas where these are legally used on Long Island and Westchester. Not quite Africa.

  44. The point is that they’re just going to end up right back in the city if you move them just an hour away.

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