1. Paratroopers of Ukrainian 82nd Air Assault Brigade – Ukrainian Air Assault Forces: equipped with US-donated IAV Stryker (AFV) (eight-wheeled armored fighting vehicles) vehicles, after returning from military training.

  2. Lt. Gen. Oleksandr Pavlyuk in Poland discussed training of Ukrainian forces. "I familiarized myself with the measures of collective and individual training of tank and mechanized units of the Ukrainian Army, practical elements of training courses, talked with our military and foreign instructors."

  3. The mobilized from Perm were given "protection candles" – Russian mobilized men were given protection candles which they suggested to 'light in battle' and then they would not be afraid of any bullet: "We do not abandon our own, because strength is in the truth."

  4. Ukrainian Army soldier takes a selfie with a recently destroyed and completely burnt out Russian command-staff "Kushetka-B" vehicle: near the city and frontlines of Svatove - Luhansk Oblast.

  5. Crimean Tatar-Ukrainian politician 'Emine Dzhaparova' – she welcomed newly appointed Head of ICRC, Jürg Eglin - discussed the ICRC's humanitarian response in Ukraine, ICRC activities for promoting International Humanitarian Law, protecting civilians, and Ukrainian prisoners of war held by Russia.

  6. Swedish 'Bandvagns' vehicles have arrived in Ukraine. The first photo is a 'Bv 206S'.

  7. Operators from the (SSO) Special Operations Forces of Ukrainian Army: in the back of a van, somewhere in eastern Ukraine near the frontlines.

  8. On March 29th - According to Russian Officials, a power station in the village of Cheremoshnoye in the Belgorod Oblast had suffered "Severe Damage" as a result of a Ukrainian artillery strike - Emergency Crews were on the scene and attempted to control the situation.

  9. This is how one of the cemeteries in the Kharkiv Oblast looks like: due to long-range Russian artillery fire, which had continuously targeted Kharkiv city and the surrounding area earlier in the invasion, there’s still danger of Russian mines.

  10. https://www.universetoday.com/160720/kazakhstan-seizes-russias-launch-facility-at-baikonur/

  11. The Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, Olha Vitaliiivna Stefanishyna: she’s in charge of EU integration, with all the questionnaires she had to present to Brussels to get Ukraine’s EU candidate status.

  12. Polish AHS Krab (155 mm) (SPH) self-propelled howitzer of the Ukrainian Army – firing towards Russian positions near the city of Bakhmut – Donetsk Oblast.

  13. Leopard 2A4 (MBT) main battle tank of the Ukrainian Army – equipped with additional Kontakt (ERA) explosive reactive armor bricks.

  14. Ukraine’s only prototype of the Kevlar-E infantry fighting vehicle based on the SPG Gvozdika chassis in service with the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This IFV has the Shturm combat module with a 30mm auto-cannon as its main gun.

  15. Tankers of 35th Marine Brigade of the Ukrainian Naval Infantry Corps: in the eastern area of operations. They are in T-64BV (model 2017) main battle tanks instead of Ukrainian Marine's standard T-80BV MBTs.

  16. "Ukraine is aiming to exhaust and inflict heavy losses on Russian forces trying to capture the eastern city of Bakhmut" - as said on March 28th, by General Oleksandr Syrskyi, the commander of Ukrainian Ground Forces.

  17. British Challenger Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle or CRARRV: in use by a Ukrainian Army crew, in a forest - far from the eastern frontlines.

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