1. This is going to sound stupid because I am only like a 3-2 / 4-2 player at my local, but I just had this conversation last night.

  2. I can’t believe SlumlordGG, who did not get a single PR win but came pretty close a couple times, didn’t get HM. Truly stolen away from him

  3. It’s definitely up to the comfort of the TO, which is the same case for some players who are banned regionally and not globally.

  4. God Trey the Trashman is really good at comms,

  5. I just USB my frame1 in on my computer. Is that bad?

  6. 250 hours for champ is very good. Playing faster is the main way to get to C2-3 area, and then GC requires a lot of consistency and trust in teammates. I have around 870 hours and C3, pushing to GC, so I can't give direct advice on how to hit GC, but I can give you tips to get from C1 - C3. C3 is not necessarily any different to C1 or 2, but people are faster, more consistent and put shots in harder-to-save places.

  7. Do you have any good resources on backboard defense?

  8. backboard defence is a lot of being comfortable with wall plays, ie you're comfortable driving up there, you're comfortable hitting balls there, you're comfortable aerial-ing off the wall to hit a ball, and being comfortable just straight up aerial-ing immidiately when you see a ball is going to hit above net and you see a risk of double tap. any type of bounce is them attempting to keep possession and potentially create a pass or double tap goal, so you have to be "aggressively defensive" and not just let the other team bounce the ball around freely.

  9. I feel like my timing is off for hitting balls on defense if I am on the wall. Do you have any workshop codes for backboard defense??

  10. Depends on the time of the flight. I had a Wednesday morning flight that I switched out to Tuesday night cause I think the first half of Wednesday will be ugly at DIA

  11. It leaves at noon so idk it’s like a toss up

  12. As an aircraft mechanic out there... If you HAVE TO BE SOMEWHERE AT A CERTAIN TIME, not just flying to visit grandma, I'd change my flight

  13. To today though? I bought a non changeable ticket :(

  14. It would be dope to see a good player watch a more new player (like onlynoobs level or something) and give live commentary and assistance, like to see if they can get them through a better slippi opponent or bracket

  15. rjeb says:

    Metafy Money Match. Two coaches each take on a new-to-melee ultimate player and trains them, then pit them against each other at the end.

  16. coming back to this thread, this is a great idea!

  17. The problem with having your product rely on goodwill alone is that eventually the thrill and electricity this product launch gives will fade. If we truly want to keep slippi at scale, we need to ensure that his revenue can scale as well.

  18. Honestly cannot think of a better person than wheat to take on this task. Talking to him at summit I realized just how little I knew about the general rankings and how well certain players are doing. I was pretty amazed listening to him rattle off H2Hs just from the dome.

  19. I actually embroidered it myself. I own an embroidery shop so wanted to make this before I hit MainStage this weekend. Thank you!

  20. yo, do you take requests? Do you have pricing for customs? Allchat looking for a good embroiderer

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