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Former neo-Nazi removes swastika tattoos after unlikely friendship

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  1. I think it was originally written to be a metaphor for climate change, but then Covid was happening by the time it was released, so a lot of people read it that way

  2. Conservatives can’t decide if manhood is an essential part of one’s biology, or a social status you have to earn

  3. He doesn't get a pronoun until he starts fucking behaving. Give No respect, get no respect.

  4. Would you do the same for a cis man? Start calling him “she” because he turned out to be a shitty person? If not, then why the double standard?

  5. Yeah but the form “need” is intended for a plurality of individuals. “They need” sounds correct, but if you’re talking about one person, it’s grammatically unusual. Not a big deal either way but just something I’m just now noticing lol

  6. You (singular) need to understand that English is not, and has never been, that straightforward.

  7. Yeah I’m really sorry guys but the more I actually think about it, the more the rape comparison kind of makes sense. It seems absurd to us because we’ve all been conditioned by our culture to accept circumcision as normal. But I mean, you’re literally messing with someone’s genitalia without their consent. And in a way that permanently disfigures it, no less. Idk seems pretty one-to-one to me 🤷‍♂️

  8. it is literally classified as a mental illness with the "cure" being to transition. Read for detail or just open Google.

  9. No, it isn’t. Transitioning is the treatment for gender dysphoria. Being trans is not the same thing as having gender dysphoria.

  10. It's wrong to be concerned with the state of humanity right now with everything going on?

  11. It’s wrong to be “concerned” about objectively good things like trans rights, feminism, and BLM, yes.

  12. What do you mean you “miss” it lol, has this gone away? Game of Thrones is still pretty recent. This is kinda like saying “man, I miss the movies from back in the day, like Avengers: Endgame.” Like wtf are you talking about lmao

  13. If you don’t think mocking gen z kids by saying they think “You don’t have to be trans to be trans” isn’t problematic then you do not understand truscum. That is their entire delusional idea about what nonbinary people think and for Natalie to defend that “joke” is offensive.

  14. The problematic part would be a definition of “trans” that excludes nonbinary people, and there is zero indication whatsoever in that tweet that Natalie is defining “trans” that way. You can’t just presume she’s defining her terms in an uncharitable way with no evidence and then call it problematic on that basis lol.

  15. I’m not presuming it with no basis! This is literally something said by and created by truscum! “You don’t have to be trans to be trans” is a strawman which has existed among truscum for more than a fucking decade now and Natalie explicitly understands that fact!

  16. I feel like you heard like one truscum say this one time and assumed it must be a truscum catchphrase or something. If you have proof it’s something “said by and created by truscum,” I’ll admit I was wrong, but even then, I guarantee Natalie simply wasn’t aware of this.

  17. Ah such tolereance. So you are completely dismising that maybe some people want to part of the lgbtq community because it makes them feel special and cool? It makes sense because being a straight white cis person is so last decade, OMG!

  18. You don’t seem to understand just how high the price would be to fake being LGBTQ+. To fake being gay, you’d have to date people you have no attraction to. Nobody wants to do that. To fake being trans, you’d have to transition to another gender without actually having any desire to live as that gender. Not to mention you’d have to live with all the discrimination and bigotry people of such identities face. Pretending to be LGBTQ+ solely because you think it’s “cool” doesn’t happen, and it’s utterly ridiculous to think it does.

  19. No, an insurrection to overturn legitimate election results was not, in fact, how America came to be. Hope this helps

  20. I am still kind of curious about where those 160K votes for Biden came from at 3AM after the election when all the cameras and news were shut down and the election in that swing district had been called. Also how so many people registered to vote from places that didn't exist. Also how long the jail sentences will actually be for those who were convicted of voter fraud already, and whether they'll be out in time for the next election for good behavior.

  21. Yeah… but literally anyone can be a cashier. Unskilled labor will always be at the lowest end of the wage distribution. If you want to make more money you should start by not being a cashier.

  22. Ok but the problem is that the “lowest end of the wage distribution” is way too low in an absolute sense, not that it’s too low relative to high-skilled labor, so this isn’t really an argument.

  23. Highly upvoted posts literally mocking the idea of opposing the criminalization of homosexuality, amazing.

  24. https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/040/068/cover12.jpg

  25. So Hillsong is an extremely homophobic church, and its cofounder protected a pedophile, and Pratt is like “I don’t want to throw them under the bus.” In what universe is that a “move of class” lmao? He should absolutely be throwing them under the bus if he has any decency. Fuck that church.

  26. Aggressive_Mango_564

  27. My guy, meanings change with time; that’s just how words work. “Fan” doesn’t mean “fanatic.” Meaning doesn’t come from what a word is derived from; it comes from how the word is used.

  28. Nah, fuck essentializing people for their past actions.

  29. Seems pretty irresponsible and cruel to bring a child into this world when you can’t fully support them(kid) or themselves(parents). We want kids but we gotta wait until we can provide for them…right now we can just scrape by and kids are expensive.

  30. That is 100% the system’s fault and 0% the parent’s fault.

  31. Economic systems don’t have any causation to economic standing, got it

  32. They certainly can, they just don’t automatically, which is why you need to do more than just point to the fact that this happened under capitalism to back up your claim.

  33. But that’s the best claim of any economic system. Other economic systems will come under the same scrutiny and won’t even have correlation to lean on

  34. Correlation isn’t even something to “lean on.” It doesn’t mean anything by itself. It’s not just that causation is better. You don’t get any points for correlation whatsoever.

  35. The reason we don’t allow children to vote is because they’re not old enough to think for themselves and will likely just go along blindly with whatever their parents think, and even if they don’t, the fact that they’re under their parents’ custody could enable their parents to coerce them into voting for their preferred candidate. So allowing them to vote would effectively just be giving people with children extra votes.

  36. First of all, I don’t care about being “counterculture,” I care about being correct, and progressive ideas are correct. If the system is fighting for progressive views now, then that’s great. That’s what we want. You wouldn’t be making a point here even if you were right.

  37. Before anyone fucking says anything, "vote harder" isn't going to change shit anymore, the American electoral system has failed and will continue to fail as long as the two choices are DO NOTHING or DIE PAINFULLY.

  38. There is literally no rational reason not to vote for Democrats. “Do nothing” and “die painfully” are the only two options the current electoral system allows, and it is blatantly obvious that “do nothing” is preferable. If you want to push people to pursue solutions outside the electoral system, more power to you, but saying we should stop voting for Democrats in the meantime is totally irrational.

  39. You can hate libs all you want. I’m right behind you there. It’s only when you start adamantly refusing to vote for them over conservatives that you come across as a massive dumbass.

  40. Except that them doing nothing doesn’t stop the republican theocracy. At this point it doesn’t even slow it there needs to be a new party. There is always more than two choices dude people just need to get organized and agree on what party they’re voting for before election season, politics can change. Democrats want you to think they’re the only option but they are not a solution they just want your tax dollars.

  41. As long as we continue to use a voting system that has the spoiler effect, Democrats really are the only option. You will never, ever convince more than a tiny fraction of voters to vote in a way that the system punishes them for. It’s completely unrealistic.

  42. The Greatest Show on Earth by Nightwish

  43. Everyone in this thread should watch this:

  44. When you discover that the guy who freed the slaves was a republican (wtf guys I thought we were the racist one)

  45. When conservatives were responsible for slavery and progressives were responsible for freeing the slaves but it’s ok because if you hide the truth behind political parties, you can make it look like your side was the good guys

  46. i hater this man he is a racist transphobic pedophile who eats infantile children and killed 14 people with a cannon"!!!!!!!!11!!

  47. If those people had paid attention to the context they might still be alive

  48. I fully support atheist ceos if they want to send people to work on Christmas. If you don't want to care about religion you shouldn't have to follow holiday rules.

  49. First of all, we need to stop treating CEOs like individuals just like you and me whose freedoms need to be protected, and start treating them like what they are: powerful people whose power needs to be limited to protect the freedoms of those under them.

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