Man saves girl from pitbull attack using a chokehold.

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  1. I know a guy who got a life sentence in prison for this..

  2. Det er kedeligt at bo i Hedehusene, men så er der jo kort vej til København :)

  3. enhver kan da se det er dyremishandling

  4. Ufatteligt han ikke er klogere

  5. Visit planetariet at least once

  6. It's on your chin and not your genitals so it's not a STD

  7. You can get herpes on locations which aren’t your genitals, that’s why I’m stressed

  8. Yes and you probably got oral herpes, but so what? It's not a STD... It's like cathing the flu or something.. completely unrelated to anything sexual

  9. Why even disclose oral hsv? This is so common, it's like disclosing that you sometime get a cold...

  10. …if i had a cold i would tell someone before having sex as well for the same reason, thats a really ass-backwards way of looking at it. Just because its common doesn’t mean its not something im responsible for telling them or that its no big deal; not only is it a complete douche move to not tell your partner, its also a massive legal issue if i give it to them knowing i had it and they decide to sue. If you don’t bother telling people, youre disgusting and shame on you

  11. Don't be silly.. off course there are no legal issues not disclosing that you have a cold sore sometimes... not in Europe...

  12. Don't bother.. that was worst advise ever.. if you caught it you caught it and theres absolutely nothing you can do about it now.... Hopefully, you did not.

  13. How did they test him? Did he get a bloodtest? Because without sores they can't do a swab on him

  14. Yes, he had a blood test and he was negative for both.

  15. Ok, just curious.. My doctors would not take a blood test of me, they said it would not matter much 'since all of us have hsv'...

  16. This is what I am trying to obtain from my old doctor because when I first got tested, and was very uneducated about it, I just kept it at HSV2 and have just been disclosing to everyone as HSV2. My medical record just states genital herpes - doesn’t define the subtype.

  17. Same situation, I also though I had HSV2, but then 2 years later after my first test I went to ask for a blood test to determine, and they informed me it was HSV1, so they should definately have it on record

  18. But does it matter if it's 1 or 2? Because I have 1 on my genitals and apparently the types don't discriminate where they go (although 1 is more common as oral).

  19. Yes, it matters... first of all if you are with a partner and they have 1 also, then you have nothing to worry about. Furthermore, hsv1 is 'designed' to be oral so it will be less breakdowns genital than hsv-2

  20. 'she can't breathe' keeps filming

  21. Hvilken verden lever hun i? Ikke den samme som os andre ihvertfald

  22. Yeah could be, go get them swabbed.. hope you feel better soon

  23. Synes det er fint og anerledes... et frisk pust.. har lige lyttet til den med flemming østergaard og den er sgu sjov

  24. Is dog ok ? What happened to him ? Can someone please tell us.

  25. Unfortunately, it slipped and fell off.. it's in dog heaven now

  26. Jeg ville ønske min mand kiggede på mig på samme måde som Lasse kigger på hende…..

  27. Ro på, det er opstillet og fjollet

  28. I have used them before and then the Exceed tests, it is not a test of precision but more of an indicator.

  29. Both these test as well as the exseed test showed that I had low count. However, I ended up going to a clinic to have it tested and all was 'normal'

  30. Use SPF and stay out of the sun

  31. Big NO move on.. you will find someone who likes you for who you are

  32. So what? Det er formentligt noget af det reneste der har sidder på et s-togs sæde

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