Better Call Saul S06E12 - "Waterworks" - Post-Episode Discussion Thread

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  1. That’s such an insane take to me. The only redeeming parts of Thor and The Dark World are the moments between a Hemsworth and Portman; their on screen chemistry is leagues above anything else we see in the MCU in my opinion.

  2. Exactly. Jane looks like she actually desires Thor. This isn't present in any other MCU romance imo

  3. as for reindog specific tips: use your projectiles wisely, youre able to get countered really quick when the opponent figures out when and where you are gonna place your projectiles, which means that you should utilize dodge cancelling some projectiles, sometimes shooting them on the ground, in the air etc and sometimes just not shooting any projectile. make it hard for them to dodge your stuff. also utilize his whole kit, i see many low reindog players only using his projectiles and down air. all of his moves are good when used properly. also use neutral special when it's up since its not much but still free damage and a zoning tool. other than that, just have fun with the dog :)

  4. Thanks! And what perks do you use? I've been using Crystal, Ice on projectile hit, ignite on projectile and grey health.

  5. you can see my perks on the screenshot :)

  6. Has there been any news on the price of the season 1 battlepass? I have heard its going to be longer so wondering if there is going to be a price difference.

  7. Morty at the start of Season 1 (possibly next Monday) and Rick probably 2 weeks after that.

  8. The husband who goes with his wife to an Elvis concert for her birthday. “It’ll be fun,” he said.

  9. My boss's wife was invited back stage at a Willy Nelson concert. She ended up disappearing for two weeks to tour with him. No contact the whole time (pre cellphones). Was shocked to be given divorce paper on return.

  10. She probably didn't even fuck him. Just got high out of her mind and lost track of time (and space)

  11. I'm very excited for him. Especially for his lines & interactions.

  12. Been playing T&J and having a blast. Rick should be exciting as well as I'm hopeful he will have a portal gun to have a tunnel like bugs to dance around the map with.

  13. Portals also effect opponents and I think increase their momentum. You can also shoot projectiles into the portals and the come out the other side!

  14. Mages of Strixhaven introduced the Silvery Barbs 1st level Enchantment spell. It is so over-powered it's not even funny. Any time you see a creature within 60 feet succeed on an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw, Silvery Barbs requires them to roll another d20 and take the lower of the two numbers. In other words, you can give disadvantage after the target has already succeeded. This is a reaction spell... In addition, when casting this spell, you also give an additional creature (including yourself) advantage on the next attack roll, saving throw, or ability check. Did I say it's a 1st level spell? I'm not sure if it qualifies as being completely broken, but it is ridiculously strong for its level.

  15. I think Silvery Barbs is very powerful, but not as overpowered as people claim. It competes with Shield for starters :p

  16. Really surprised to see people going with the Resilient Feat. If the advantage is on all spells I would go with that every time. You will get so much more mileage out of that than you will just on Wisdom saves. Plus with your stats taking the feat later isnt a big tax to you. That is just me though.

  17. The advantage vs spells is almost objectively better. There are so many spells that require DEX and CON saves. Also, as an Artificer, Flash of Genius can provide nearly guaranteed saves vs ANY spell if you also have advantage.

  18. And in the information age, it's all willful ignorance

  19. This is already confirmed that they are adding downside to whiffs for superman

  20. Should also do one with dodge speed / distance

  21. Agreed. Superman dodge distance is so far he's actually top tier fast on the ground.

  22. Hopefully this fixes things like Supes side special never connecting if your opponents are attacking at all.

  23. Red Hood, Oberyrn, The Mountain, Neo, Earthworm Jim

  24. And when he gets ko'ed Beth emasculates Jerry, takes over and is slightly OP. Then it switches back to Jerry, repeat.

  25. soulsborne community definitely understands this. there is, for sure a small amount of people in that community that are elitists, but most of us are wholesome & enjoy seeing others play to their strengths to earn the win. no discrimination there (mostly)

  26. I can attest to this. Eldenring was my first Soulsborne and the community was great to me (and others). There are meta builds, but even off builds they'll evaluate them and often say things like "that sounds really good actually" or "that has potential, have you considered adding this to it?"

  27. starts returnal Where you actually cannot beat the game without dying 1 time. There's a stop in the game preventing progress until you've died the first time.

  28. Stop posting this guys shit, he’s a loser and this only gives him more of a platform.

  29. Exactly. Only post him if he's getting knocked out

  30. I assume this means we have extra time to complete the beta pass and get Cake!

  31. Yes, it has been extended until the 15th. The end date won't change in-game, but that came from the official Twitter page.

  32. Cool thanks! It was gonna be very close for me, now I can coast there.

  33. Let's just hope this doesn't delay the patch... >_>

  34. Only thing making Assassin's A+ tier is likely the Glass Cannon Passive for 14% Damage Increase on them, which I really hope they remove entirely or reduce to 5%.

  35. Do all the classes have Passives like this? Is there a place this info is shown?

  36. Yes, in collection, select the character and then select the Move List, at the bottom left it shows the Passives and all of their moves, what they do, I recommend doing all of the advanced tutorials as well.

  37. Play a character with projectile blocking or reflecting.

  38. Who switches characters in the best of 3 ??

  39. People who care about match ups. You can assume your opponent won't switch and gain a huge advantage on them.

  40. Had to scroll a bit to find a comment mentioning that maybe it's just a troll. Doing it so thousands of ppl will talk about how stupid other ppl are lol

  41. 100% a troll and people are just so desperate to feel superior or outraged to feel anything they think everyone is dead serious

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