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  • By - 1q8b

  1. Same here, every time we switched food the struggle. But keeping him in the hydrogenic diet and adding raw veg for snacks has been the best choice.

  2. Yeah I keep trying to switch my lab to more expensive foods because I want him to be happy and healthy but honestly the beyond simply stuff which is like mid grade at the grocery store is the only thing that doesn't give him recurrent ear infections or itchy paws. I have tried so many science diets/prescription plans/different proteins and grains, etc. Try to spoil my dog and he just won't go along with it!

  3. Exhaust manifold bolts or lifters maybe. I've also seen alot of people mention the same symptom as just the oil that has drained into the pan circulating and apparently is harmless.

  4. Question my dad has a membership. Are they really crazy about checking ID and membership card?

  5. Me and my dad share a membership card all I needed to do was show an ID or piece of mail with the same address as him and the issued me a second card. Easy for me to do as I had just moved back from across country and had kept my license address listed as his place since I was a student. The piece of mail thing might be easier, could change your credit card statement to go to whoever you want to share the membership with for a month or two and then change it back, I've done that before for other things. Maybe check with your local Costco to make sure the requirements are the same if you're considering doing it though.

  6. I remember I was always embarrassed as a kid at Christmas because when all us grandchildren and other kids opened gifts from our aunts and uncles me and my sibling always got such neat (and expensive tbh) stuff from our aunts and uncle and then my nparent would get our cousins something awful. The one that stood out was they all got literally a cheap kids toothbrush, and no it wasn't an expensive one I'm sure it had to be like 10 dollars max. Felt so bad for my cousins when they had to act excited about that. I get maybe we didn't have tons of money but the disproportion was so awkward.

  7. Bulgaria 🇧🇬 Not punished enough to come from the “third World “ but acne ..😂

  8. Thats neat! Lol acne is just an awful thing, it literally doesn't care if you're rich or poor it's just around to make alot of people's lives miserable 😫

  9. Well the Reddit mentality is to change it at whatever the manual says, because the manufacturer always has your best interests in mind while deciding these things, so do that. I personally never go over 5000 miles on full synthetic in my vehicles. And now I’ll get told how much money I am wasting.

  10. Not wasting money in the long run when you don't blow your engine by 200k! I don't understand why some people don't grasp that proper care and maintenance of things you own = those things lasting longer = spending less money on the new things?

  11. I was more concerned with getting my wife and infant home. Not to mention there is a good chance the dear died, and I didn’t have anything on me to put it down with.

  12. For future reference you can call a conservation officer/park ranger or whatever your local wildlife officer is to deal with an injured animal if you don't have the means to! I can't imagine slowly dying on the side of a road with a broken back/hips/legs is a great way to go.

  13. I did this last year in the late fall when I saw a deer struggling on the side of the road. Called non-emergency, gave location and everything and waited around for an officer for half a hour. The car that hit the deer was long gone, and I felt super bad because the deer clearly had a spinal injury and was still trying to get up with it's front end despite not being able to move its rear legs. Blood everywhere - on the road, hind end of deer, grass, etc.

  14. Wow how awful for the deer! I've no issues with hunting or anything but it hurts me to see an animal suffer. When we hunt we always do whatever we can to see that the animals suffering is kept to the absolute minimum.

  15. I think the idea is to keep it dry enough, for long enough.. BUT I’ve also heard of folks using 3% hydrogen peroxide as a drench to kill larval stages.

  16. I went away from my office for 3 weeks and all my plants were extremely thirsty when I got back, but letting them dry out for that long took care of a fairly severe fungus gnat problem in all my plants due to overwatering them back in the winter. I scaled back watering way before but the problem persisted until I let them have that long period without any moisture.

  17. My office is in the industrial area of my city so I'm just doing my part to help!

  18. Can’t wait to see it in a year, lol! Plants rule.

  19. Usually you'll wanna cut it a few nodes back from the end and if you pull off the bottom leaf before you put it in the water it will be more likely to root since the leaves and roots grow from the same cells found in the axillary buds.

  20. I remember I exclusively had low/normal rise jeans as a kid and they were hella uncomfortable lmao

  21. Same, I distinctly remember constantly trying to hike them up over my hips to basically where high wasted jeans should be. Pretty sure I had either a permanent camel toe or my ass crack was half way out until society finally switched to high waisted everything.

  22. Oh man today I found out you can't refer to your donkey on this sub

  23. I used to work at Target, which also forces you to wear a walkie talkie. It's horrible. I confirmed with all my coworkers that everyone starts getting dreams and like intrusive sounds of the chatter. It was so fucking horrible for my mental health, it was such a relief when I stopped working there.

  24. Worked at Sportchek(Canada) for 7 or 8 years, the worst is that there will be some people at the store who literally scream everything they say, some people who basically put the microphone in their mouth while they talk, and some people who whisper as quietly as they can into the mic. It all makes finding the right volume to not burst an ear drum super difficult. We had a girl who had such a loud, shrill voice that when she went off in the mic people had to immediately rip the earpiece off, customers would hear her clear as day through the earpiece as well.

  25. I kinda relate to the aquaphor! I bought this big tube and I find that my burts bees is just as hydrating

  26. Kind of agree, I had a tube of aquafor from slightly pre accutane. Thought oh fck yeah I already got what everyone recommends when i started accutane. Flash forward it helps I guess, but to the same degree as anything else and I personally don't like the texture it's a little to think and hard to spread without rubbing pretty aggressively. Don't mind thick but I just think Vaseline goes on smoother, aquafor makes me red from how hard I've gotta rub it in and tbh isn't the miracle cure for me as it in for most others.

  27. Can someone explain to me the point (if there is one) of the 6 wheels. It's like a dually but...¿¿¿ Or just because fuck it?

  28. I'd leave your transmission alone at that mileage.

  29. I think you are confusing lightning hitting a car vs power line falling on top

  30. I'm not, the same principle applies in both situations.

  31. I mean these dogs are bred to have soft mouths so as not to ruin the meat when retrieving actual shot/killed waterfowl. Still probably traumatizing for the goose/duck (I believe this is a canada goose but not sure of the actual species name), but at the end of the day he was likely not hurt and probably rejoined his family shortly after with a crazy story.

  32. I mean I agree dogs should be leashed in public places, but honestly lighten up. It's a funny video, nobody was hurt, the goose is fine.

  33. This is my favourite video compilation on the topic of "on your left" reactions! Especially the one at 0:32.

  34. The "old guy" was absolutely the most spot on wholesome impression I've seen.

  35. Having owned two different 2001 xterras which had 352000km and 365000km on them when I totalled them, I agree with the first half of this comment whole heartedly.

  36. I’m not sure airbags are something that you can add to an existing vehicle.

  37. Mine are aftermarket, you definitely can. That bring said I bought my truck used with them already installed so I don't have an information for you OP

  38. Nearly every Knox I've known is in a Reformed Christian family and is named after John Knox. It's one of those names (like Geneva for women) that typically tips me off to their theological background.

  39. One of my lesbian moms and her new fiance named their son, my baby brother, Knox. They're pretty "hip and cool", and not religious lol. I don't mind the name, some in this list are pretty bad but I personally don't think there's anything wrong with the name Knox. And forgive my ignorance, but who is John Knox? Maybe I should know that, but I know zero about religion.

  40. Ok thanks so the length of the pvc doesn’t actually matter? Apologies if this seems obvious it’s not really my area of expertise. So if I had a 1 m long pvc it’d be ok to use to test a 10 m deep well?

  41. The size kind of depends on how fast the well is recharging as well. If the well is returning to static or recharging super fast then displacing a small amount of water will be harder to measure. But yeah we usually use 2 inch diameter casing and our slugs are 1 inch diameter I believe and maybe around a half of a meter long.

  42. Thanks. It’s a sand site so it should recharge quite quickly.

  43. Yeah if it's pretty moist or wet for sure, I'd say bigger is better then.

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