1. I think I went through questioning my sexuality when I was in my mid-20s and in a place in life where I felt safe to. I was raised in a Catholic family and internalized all the messages that were given about homosexuality (it's a sin, abusive, a choice, etc) so I think I never allowed myself to think deep into the fact that girls actually turned me on. Through the years I've come to most identify with pansexual, but I think labels only matter if they help you feel closer to your true self. It doesn't matter which gender (or no gender) attracts you the most and in what percentages. Your sexuality is your own and you don't need to conform to what anyone else expects.

  2. Thank you for mentioning this. It is a great point - to figure out why I want to label it. If is that for me (the natural need of brain to label/categorize things) or for others

  3. No confusion at all. I can totally relate to the feelings and thoughts you just described

  4. I personally wouldn't call it "fix". But it would definitely help a lot - to have a substitute parent figure I can go to for a hug or an advice

  5. I feel you! I am trying to read How to the the work from Nicole LePera. Amazing book. But really triggering at the same time. My approach is reading small bits, letting digest the information, be kind to myself, and continue. Sometimes it is minutes, sometimes it is weeks. But the information is definitely worth it!

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