1. Download GnomeOS and try it out on a VM.

  2. Thanks for the reply! Should I add at the end of /usr/share/applications/code.desktop

  3. No, there'll be a field called Exec, append it to the end of that field.

  4. I suppose youre on mobile.

  5. How much performance does it cost to do this?

  6. Late to this, but I noticed today that it caused a lot of lag when running games(tested Brawlhalla and Starbound). Getting barely ~25 fps where I used to get ~50. However running anything other than games had absolutely 0 noticeable impact.

  7. Just enable wayland, pinch to zoom will automatically work.

  8. Are there other phenomenon on other planets that we don't have that we know of? aurora borealis type effects or something different?

  9. Yeah auroras do happen on other planets. Both Saturn and Jupiter have a fair amount of auroral activity, but it isnt visible to use as it does not lie in the visible spectrum faik.

  10. Search for that WiFi chipset listed to see about it's Linux compatibility. My experience with Realtek chipsets is very much dependant on the model/chipset used, some have great support, some decent/usable, some are absolutely awful. It has been getting better as well, but ymmv.

  11. Looks like the particular chipset it has got merged into the kernel a few releases back!

  12. I'm using Pop_os on a similar HP model. No issues so far with either the wifi card or the integrated graphics but I've only had it for around a week.

  13. Good to hear, thank you!

  14. Yeah sure, I use discord a lot, I'll reply to this comment after 2nd attempt(28th), made a commitment to myself that I won't open it

  15. damn, both of ours jee on 28th, and both of us might end up going to vellore. Shoot me a DM as well, hopefully will have a friend before college starts already hehe.

  16. Do either C or C++(I'd recommend C). Both are fairly low level and will help you understand how memory management works along with implementation of some aggregate types like strings, arrays. Would really say take C over C++, learn how everything works(make sure to cover pointers really well), and then you can move onto higher level languages for your projects. In your first semester they'd most likely teach you in C, so you'll have a small headstart over others as well.

  17. Fair points, and having used both I do agree, C++ is far better practically than C is, but there's a lot that C++ does for you which you have to implement yourselves in C, making it better from a learning standpoint.

  18. There’s a furry scene in the movie “The Shining.” Furries have been around for a pretty long time.

  19. makes sense why they label it psychological horror.

  20. mereko 17k pe cat 3 cse core at vellore campus mil rha hai, dekhlo baaki.

  21. I do in fact, the problem isnt the data but the software installed itself.

  22. I suck at physics so clang sound in berserk made sense to me till I studied waves.

  23. Definitely has to be insipired from that. The resemblance is uncanny lol.

  24. I am trying very hard to understand that analogy, I kinda get your point, but you can explain further

  25. Computer Science is a lot more than just coding. There's a lot of theoretical aspects to it and coding is just a way to apply those concepts. The aforementioned theory would be a big part of your college curriculum.

  26. Looks like powerlevel10k

  27. YESSSSSSS!!! I've been needing this for soooo long. This might make plasma usable on my 1080p 14" chromebook!

  28. ikr! This is huge, kept me on windows for so long.

  29. ???? What does windows have to do with this, plasma X didn't have the issue

  30. I faced a whole bunch of issues with xorg as well last i used it, mainly window ghosting(dk if this is the correct term) and slight unresponsiveness. Not to mention the security issues with xorg itself.

  31. Are those bright spots other galaxies visible to the naked eye?

  32. in the southern hemisphere yes, but theyd be faint smudges at best, not as bright and colourful as in the picture.

  33. hello guys and gals me mutahar and today we're gonna be snorting morbius

  34. I think only Xorg allows it. Wayland only permits 100% and 200%.

  35. gnome wayland allows it, but you need to explicitly enable it through the cli.

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