The Memo: No, really — What if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez runs for president?

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  1. At least the cameraman won't get fat with all that running around

  2. So there can be a diplomatic solution? Why say the opposite?

  3. I feel like it's pretty obvious what I meant? I obviously wasn't advocating for Ukraine to annex Russia, as you said. So yes, technically I do hope that some diplomacy does happen, once Ukraine have driven the Russian army back to their borders.

  4. I'm sorry, I misspoke, it would have been clearer to say that by suggesting a diplomatic solution should be being persued at this moment Corbyn is parroting the Russian propaganda line.

  5. Even if this was bait, you know you could find someone who genuinely believes this in less than 10 seconds.

  6. You'll have to ask the person that made the bait (assuming it actually is bait). Dismissing an issue because some people make it seem more common still leaves the issue itself.

  7. It's absolutely worth asking why Reddit decides not only to focus on a small number of people saying crazy things on Twitter, but also elects to make up a bunch of people saying even crazier things and share them.

  8. If that is the case then that makes it even worse as he's clearly just incompetent with no understanding of what or why the Labour Party was formed

  9. He's definately an outsider to the Labour party, having spent most of his life as a human rights lawer. I've frequently heard him criticised for a lack of understanding of the Labour party and how it works.

  10. Human Rights lawyer....🤣🤣 But won't support strikes for better pay!? As leader of the LABOUR Party??? Couldn't make it up! Pure fucking comedy!!

  11. It suprises me how little you know about Starmer, and yet how strong your opinions are about him

  12. If the choice is between her an trump, I'm taking her. If the choice is between her and Newsom out in Cali, I'm taking Newsom. He runs one of the largest economies in the world, our most populous state, and has experience governing. AOC just lacks some experience. If your stance is politics is easy and anyone can do it, I'd refer you to the trump years. Experience is needed as POTUS.

  13. I don't know much about newsom, but if he's a good candidate than I hope he runs in the primary too. Dems just need someone who has a vision, and they can't afford to delay on that

  14. I agree. Newsom and AOC share a majority of the same views. Difference between them is Newsom has actually been able to act on some of those views. As the governor of California he has pushed an aggressive green energy agenda and got much of it enacted. Unfair to AOC a bit because she is not in that type of government position. I like AOC. I'd vote for her over a lot of Democrats. But not Newsom.

  15. That's very interesting, it sounds like I should look more into newsom then. Thank you! 👍

  16. Who on earth are these people, who get angry when you talk about women's rights in muslim communities?

  17. I remember being very very uninspired by Miliband but surely he was better than Starmer. Certainly he was more likable.

  18. Idk how your judge better, but starmer has higher public approval and is thought of as more competent etc then milliband did at this point in his leadership

  19. You fucking plank he was replying to a guy saying Ed miliband was the last viable Labour leader. Which I'd obviously untrue because Labour were a few thousand votes from a majority in 2017 with corbyn. Getting more votes than Ed miliband.

  20. They were nearly a million votes behind the Tories in 2017

  21. If labour want my vote in the next GE (won't vote otherwise as they will no longer be Labour)

  22. Labour pledged an expansion of workers rights less than a year ago.

  23. Pledged to support trade unions too yet the first major industrial action Keir bans his MPs from attending picket lines to show support. Forgive me if I don't believe them.

  24. Well, they've pledged it. Up to you if you don't beleive them

  25. I guess those who can afford to go private doing so isn't a bad thing. Means it frees up some space for those who cant afford to go private?

  26. The issue is that the private services turn a profit based on how shitty the NHS is. It's not that people are going private, it's that NHS care is so shitty that more and more people are willing to pay thousands of pounds for a fundamental human right.

  27. He's been saying this for ages. It'd be tactically very silly for him to commit to PR two years before the election, especially given that he is very confident the next election will be fought on the economy, and he want at keep focus on how badly the economy is doing.

  28. Okay well I’ve identified a few big wins from his decision to come out as trans. Can you identify concrete losses he’s incurred from it, equivalent to the gushing praise he got from press organs and colleagues? And I really do want concrete losses akin to the concrete wins I actually identified - not just vague hand waving about how much you think the public hate trans people.

  29. Well my argument is that he's lost public support.

  30. He’s lost public support because he’s now been found guilty in court of driving offences, not because he’s trans. And he is still reaping the benefits of the trans thing against a background of reasonable public disgust about his conduct here - loads of the comments on Twitter for example are attacking the press for daring to report on the fact that a married Conservative MP was driving around at the dead of night dressed like a cheap hooker while living a sexual double life that exposed him to blackmail, thinking that it’s just a trivial thing and that to remark on it is a sign of deep transphobia.

  31. Two of the links I sent you were from before his verdict. And the idea that he's coming out to try and deflect from blame for the car crash has been there from the start. If you don't beleive me go pull up articles from when this story was just breaking and look in the comments section.

  32. It may cast doubt on his reasons for fleeing

  33. What was their (His? Her? No idea what pronoun to use) started reason for fleeing?

  34. https://twitter.com/jamiewallismp/status/1508984487102844931

  35. Well he was diagnosed with it following a rape. It's not like a teenager claiming to have PTSD cause they were yelled at.

  36. I don't see why they wouldn't do it. It's an easy win for labour and the worst thing that can happen is a General Election, which would be great for labour at the moment.

  37. Lol, so the coming tory oblivion at the next GE is going to be spun as 'because they removed boris' not 'because they gave us boris'

  38. I wouldn't count on tory oblivion at the next election, unfortunately.

  39. Sorry but he’s just given a canned response to it.

  40. It's not really in his hands, with unions voting in favour, a large number of MPs publicly in support, and the potential that he won't be able to govern without Lib Dems backing.

  41. You don’t give up a massive advantage to be in power just for 5 years.

  42. As I said, unions, backbench MPs, and possibly coalition parties would all be pushing for this.

  43. Other than not being Tory’s what actual reasons are there to vote for Labour?

  44. National Care Service is a pretty good policy, and one that they've been emphatically pushing for a while.

  45. wes is just on this so he can bung public money to his friends in the private health industry

  46. I'm not interested in a fight. The comment above mine asked why someone would vote labor, I provided a reason.

  47. How is this cringe? It's just a children's show. Are we meant to be cringing at the performers?

  48. Don't understand why it's considered a backfire. They went through a fucked up time and expressed it through their art.

  49. I think the issue is that the CAD comic didn't really approach the issue with the sensetivity it needed. The author didnt really explore how miscarriage effected him and his partner through the medium of his comic.

  50. I've polled myself too, and I think it's really cowardly to not openly support them, especially since presumably every Labour MP privately does. A statement would do rather than trying to co-opt it with picket line photo ops.

  51. I don't think every labour MP privately supports the strikes lol

  52. The important thing isn't if this will be successful (it won't) it'll be the legislation that the government passes to try and get this to work.

  53. Barbara Hall was enjoying a quiet morning at her senior citizens’ group in Wakefield when word went round that a special guest would be attending. Hall, a retired saleswoman, watched Keir Starmer work the room. “I wasn’t convinced,” she said. “He’s an awkward person, isn’t he? He doesn’t fit in. Boris Johnson would fit in. He would have us screaming and laughing.

  54. Uh, why? Boris Johnson has always been pretty good at meeting members of the public. Of journos and interviews that I've seen, the fact that johnson is good at the walking meet and greet is something I've heard come up several times before.

  55. THEY ARE....how do you think we got into this mess, never trust anyone trying to make your life better by making everyones worse...