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  1. My least favorite of the baits...guess what my favorite is.

  2. Had a killer day in East Texas actually. Made about $115 all day which is pretty solid for my area!

  3. Does anywhere have experience with proto or metonitazene....why does it not seem to hit like I'd think??

  4. get a load of this one, fellas. username.. accurate?

  5. Is the health stipend available everywhere, I’m still fairly new and this is the first I’m seeing about it

  6. It’s our JOB to deliver the food, man. Come on. We have a lot to complain about, and rightfully so, but we can’t complaint about EVERYTHING. Some things we just have to… DO. Because it’s our job, again.

  7. In that regard I'm the one who likes to do the bullying

  8. Why wouldn’t you be able to?

  9. Was it apartment, unit, hotel, motel or house? This usually happens with apartments, motel and hotel for me in my area. It’s rare when it happens from a house.

  10. There might be a reason for that…

  11. Forgot to post what this bad jackson actually looked like sorry. It also comes with three different "heads" or "antenna." Got to love the cursive writing...

  12. Yeahhhh, that’d be pretty rough if used how your wife thought it was being used..

  13. Oop, then hoes from da pharmacy too. Respect 🫡

  14. He’s sayin yo plug lied bruh, that ain’t no “White Runtz”

  15. Oops, that’s my fault. I have this one and the updated one, must have selected the wrong one. You are correct though, this is outdated.

  16. My 2 aunts and 2 uncles are travelling to Mexico to backpack across Mexico without tours, just alone and commando, is this a good idea? I told them how incredibly dangerous Mexico is right now, am I overreacting? And help would be appreciated

  17. Hell no that’s not a good idea say you’re goodbyes before they leave mi amigo

  18. Got his ass lmao, not the same OP as the one posted here. Hmm 😵‍💫

  19. Nothing more than a training camp arm. Glad he gets a chance to prove his worth though. 👍🏻

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