Black women are unmatched

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  1. yes mine shipped the 13th and says it will be here the 23rd!

  2. i ordered it too =[ somehow wasnt able to pick any products for my bags OR get add ons this month, so i treated myself with this and the smaller one too lol

  3. Why am I reading all of these comments when I literally just woke up this is the first thing I'm doing in the morning

  4. Most of those prices are bonkers, but I grabbed the Tresluce brow pencil just because it’s rare to see an auburn brow option on Ipsy.

  5. I got the brow pencil I absolutely love it if we're talking about the same one

  6. When usman says to Angela "get off the stage,big!"

  7. It'll be the best decision you'll make. Addiction is progressive meaning it just gets worse and you become spiritually mentally physically broken. It's a very very hard thing to manage alone so most everybody in recovery builds a strong support system of people who understand how you feel And there are endless resources to support you ❤ I've been to rehabs countless times and I'd do anything to have taken it more seriously the first time instead of going back out and getting to my rock bottom (which always has a trap door) where my daughters father ,friends died and homelessness. I was so broken and alone. In March of this year one day I decided I couldn't take it anymore and went to detox, then inpatient, then made the decision to go to a long term inpatient because I needed the best guarantee to stay clean since doing 28 day programs wasn't enough for me. I stayed in those places until August 11th when they moved me to a halfway house where I am able to finally after 5 years got my daughter on weekends here. I'm about to get into supportive living for a few months and then I get to have my own apartment and get full custody. I have gained everything back and the best thing is peace of mind 💛

  8. i was addicted to heroin for 10 years. one thing i wanted to mention here that pretty much everyone in the comments is overlooking is ROA. it wasn't until i began shooting cocaine with my heroin that things went downhill FAST. i almost died several times and ended up hospitalized more so from shooting coke within just a few months and had been on and off heroin for 10 years. ya the withdrawal is brutal from dope but shooting coke is a different beast. anyone here who's done it knows exactly why that is.

  9. What happened with the coke that put you in the hospital? I used to speedball but wondering why specifically coke put you there

  10. Karine’s family should have Ximena’s ex, El Sicario, scare Pole away.

  11. I don't like her attitude or anything about her

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