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  • By - 1q8b

  1. I've been banned from a bunch of conservative subs I've never even posted in.

  2. 50 years ago, it was still a city of 400 K. I grew up in a similar size city. Wouldn’t have been hard to hide as long as they lived/stayed on the other side of town.

  3. Arlington, Fort Worth’s neighbor, is that size and is the 50th biggest city in America. Would have been easy to hide

  4. Yeah some other Commie fan just said he seems to bring your whole team up and he’s right. I hate him. Glad we played wentz. Yous are hot rn

  5. Ben called both of them racist anti semites

  6. Tell me when during his presidency gas was $1.79

  7. Prolly when the whole country stopped driving

  8. Kinda mad about your survey bud. Didn't even tell me what my true star sign is.

  9. Saltalamacchia was basically a replacement level player his entire career and it took Matzek five years to come back as a relief pitcher when he was originally a starting pitcher.

  10. Steve sax had it in 83 and by 89 led the league in fielding percentage

  11. If James Spader can do the voice, he wouldn't be the worst shout to play him in the eventual movie...

  12. Crazy how skinny he was when he first started

  13. You’ll finish 10-6-1 and lose the last game that would’ve put you in the playoffs 24-17 to an already eliminated Eagles team playing their backup QB after Hurts breaks his wrist in week 16.

  14. There is a Jesus game that came out this year. Looks exactly as expected.

  15. Yeah. I texted my buddy about it on May 20th, so 6 months lapsed on Sunday. I would expect a major station announcement soon.

  16. They supposedly are having one on monday

  17. The fact that Steve Irwin was technically also in the bad place is the worst offense of this entire series.

  18. Because the dancin’out the ocean part is in hold me closer but not tiny dancer. It’s actually from a different Elton song called the one

  19. I want to say i carried him all the way, but he so fat my horse nearly died. So mods

  20. I think if you kill his sister wife, he will basically chase you anywhere

  21. The casts were ok but the writing sucked.

  22. Yea shaq has been bullying Dwight for years and I think it’s fucked up. Dwight seems like a really chill dude.

  23. Is t it all over the Superman shit

  24. did you know john harbaugh was 60. these mfs take care of themselves lmao.

  25. I just heard the story of parcells getting naked so not all of them!

  26. I would be enjoying this much more if we were getting the better Dallas team playing a Thanksgiving game today… the Dallas Mavericks

  27. You haven’t been watching the mavs this year

  28. Would help if bullock wasn’t absolute ass this year

  29. Especially when you consider that Alabama football is already out of playoff contention

  30. Red dead 2 is my favorite game. You have hurt me very much

  31. Honestly, he's probably just a slower reader. Or he could have not been wearing his glasses at the time. Or his eyes had to adjust to the brightness of looking down on his phone to looking up on a sunny day.

  32. Where are his glasses? He can’t see without his glasses!

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