1. First correct price on the Splitter, here’s your big fat fuck all

  2. beat my meat until it looks like a peperami

  3. That looks like it was rolled by my sister and she died of leprosy in 1976.

  4. To me dogs are haram beasts and really shouldn't be touched by humans, particularly around the nose and mouth.

  5. you’re a right wetwipe from the looks it

  6. Sound like a skinny neek who would get pummelled irl😆🥱🤡.

  7. They’re dogshit to me, I know a handful of people that have gone to the mighty, always end up back rolling J’s. And what’s all this shit about trying to make smoking or consuming healthier. If you’re concerned about your health THAT much you shouldn’t be smoking or consuming fuck all full stop. I smoke baccy mixed with my bud and I couldn’t give a fuck about any health repercussions as of yet because that’s how I get my satisfaction and I’m aware of it

  8. One method is worse than the other though, same with cigs v vapes, neither is ideal, but it's about mitigating the risks.

  9. tbh that’s a solid debate in itself I think (cigs vs nicotine vapes). I don’t think there a CLEAR answer anywhere on which is more harmful than the other. I tried a nicotine vape and was adjusted to it for like 3 months, but then went back to fags as I found it was feeling a lotter shitter after using a vape. Think it’s all genuine perspective and preference aint it.

  10. Where the fuck do you live that this happens? My advice is just move somewhere else. I’m in the south east and never had anything like that happen to me (yet)

  11. Middle of brum, proper diverse and during covid lockdown mum called police, new Romanian neighbours moved in and had a huge party on the driveway, so mum called police because she was worried over being vulnerable to covid. They rock up 4 days later. Precisely 3 minutes after lighting a fatty on the driveway, took my name etc. put the spliff in a pair of latex gloves and fucked off 😂😂

  12. That's your mum's fault for being a grass tbh

  13. Tbf mate neighbours were a fucking nightmare, wish I could put some of the videos and pictures here of the fucking dump they left. When she called the police it’s because they were leaning on our cars with bottle in there hand and that, wouldn’t listen to us when we asked them not to, not trying to be funny but I don’t think they understood a word of English so It was hard to polite about it all

  14. We used to do 5 days a week, 6-13:30, 6-12 on a Friday. Shifts changed to Monday-Thursday 6-16:00 and Friday off, wouldn’t go back now Friday off is a good weekend.

  15. For me I’m with chandler, even for not a great record in the UFC, he has history in bellator, and for me when he fights it’s pure entertainment, he can stand and bang, wrestle and the rest. Just my two cents but I’d watch a chandler main event over an Islam main event anyway. win or lose I feel I’m guaranteed more entertainment.

  16. Same bro always some lame reason behind the asking as well

  17. Please do not give them anymore. They will always expect it.

  18. Nah I know this is a spell of like two years, he just asks quite regularly man and it’s long

  19. probably what did Google say considering that’s the only you’ll EVER care about.

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