1. I’ll never forget my first week, thinking “what have I done?! I can’t do this!!!”

  2. Midnight Mass > Hill House > Bly Manor

  3. My feelings exactly. If I were introducing someone to Flanagan’s work it would be with Hill House, but Midnight Mass is the one I want to rewatch over and over. It’s stayed with me in a way the other series have not.

  4. I doubt this. They're not stupid -- like Margaery offered in GoT, if Laenor was finding it difficult they could have had another guy/his boyfriend in there for him. I doubt the decision to not have children together came down to function for him.

  5. Yeah, I’m pretty sure he could make it happen. I’m gay and I can think of exactly what I’d do. There would need to be another man there though. I’ll leave it at that haha

  6. And Rhaenyra didn’t even deny it. “You’re a Targaryen, that’s all that matters.”

  7. Helaena trying to tell Alicent about her interests and Alicent giving less than 0 shits lol very relatable

  8. I could be totally wrong here, but as someone who works with folks on the autism spectrum, she certainly seemed coded that way. I’m interested to see how her character develops.

  9. Every small, dark-coloured thing I see makes me flinch. I get it. I’m just in the middle of moving out of an infested apt complex though so I’m constantly on edge.

  10. It's on Binge in Aus, looks like maybe Apple, Prime, Sundance in US? Can anyone outside Aus confirm?

  11. Not sure about US, but I just checked and here in Canada it can be found on CBC Gem. That’s our public broadcaster so it’s free to stream :)

  12. Gorgeous! I want the black one so bad. I got tired of waiting though and ordered the grey a few days ago. Might just have to order another one if the supply issues ever resolve :)

  13. The grey is really nice too! Classic. I had that gameboy back in the early 90s. I wouldn’t be mad to have both for sure :)

  14. Holy fuck. You are definitely going to do a business.

  15. No, before that, when Mr. Garrison acted obnoxiously to get fired so he could sue for discrimination, but when the children complained about his behaviour everyone assumed they were homophobic and sent them to a re-education camp.

  16. But you are thinking of this in terms of the “job creators”. The whole entire point is that if individuals work fewer hours, and yet the same amount of work remains, more people need to be hired. You get more coworkers, you get more time off, more jobs are created.

  17. I’m thinking of this as a front line worker in a public healthcare system that doesn’t have enough workers for the jobs that exist. I’m just contextualizing this study as it applies to a tax-funded system that can’t, without political consequence, raise peoples hourly wages by 20% so they can work less hours, nor pull willing and skilled RNs out of thin air when every hospital is screaming for more staff of basically every kind.

  18. Businesses adapted to the 40 hour a week minimum when it got reduced from 50-60, even 80 hour weeks and the world didn't end. You are thinking statically trying to force the idea into how things work now. They just have to adapt.

  19. I’m not talking about businesses. I’m talking about the government. And I vote for the progressive governments that have the slimmest chance in hell of increasing my hourly wages to a point that I can get by on 32 hours a week. I agree they have to adapt if they don’t want our healthcare system to crumble even further into disaster.

  20. retro grey, but I wanted the black one. it was out of stock everywhere when I ordered.

  21. I thought Victoria was diverse but then again I moved here from a town that was 99% white with the only 'ethnic' restaurant in town being a Chinese restaurant (ie, Western Chinese food).

  22. I recently visited Victoria for the first time. I’m from Edmonton. I’ve been to Vancouver many times. I guess I thought Victoria would be similarly diverse.

  23. I went to Paris in 2019 for less money than it cost me to go to tent camp at BM 2015.

  24. As a Canadian, I feel this. I don’t even want to say how much I’ve spent on each of my two burns. The exchange rate alone… ugh.

  25. I decided to get my life together in my mid-30's, after mostly working a near minimum wage call centre job, living at home.

  26. Would you mind if I asked where you went to college? A co-op with the federal government would be a great way to get that first job, and I’m pretty computer savvy.

  27. Poor Erin. I don’t feel like her storyline is talked about enough.

  28. I just rewatched it and I already want to rewatch it again. This show just has a hold on me!

  29. That’s what their original suggestion was but they thought we would get away with just two and so we end up spending more in the long run.

  30. When construction costs have skyrocketed no less. And workers are harder to find.

  31. The House on the Bayou, Us, They Come at Night, The Invisible Man (2020), Skeleton Key, The Gift (2015), The House of the Devil, Lovely Molly, Await Further Instructions

  32. A few in here I haven’t seen. Thanks!

  33. Same! It has become one of my favorite songs now

  34. I might be in a minority here, but I think it's always served me well that I don't like the feeling of adrenaline rushes, therefore there's never been a need for me to go skydiving or buy a crotch-rocket motorcycle or anything like that.

  35. Same, and I’ll throw skiing/snowboarding on the list as well. The number of injuries in my friend group alone… ruptured spleen, broken bones that led to arthritis and lifelong mobility challenges. I’m accident prone enough, I don’t need to be hurtling down mountains. I’ll keep the hot tub warm - it’s more my speed.

  36. I’m in agreement with a couple other commenters, that stache is majestic and needs to stay - I do think it would pair better with a little bit shorter beard. Either way, looks great and I’m jealous!

  37. The Night House. The scene on the couch. If you’ve seen it you know what I mean.

  38. I was looking at the mental health clinicians on the bc gov site. 66-73 000. Masters required. Some were postings in Vancouver. I would’ve been better off just working and not going to school.

  39. In my Allied Health field, I started at a higher wage in AB than I would ever make in BC. And of course there’s the difference in CoL. I don’t know how anyone affords to live in Vancouver or Victoria.

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