1. Or maybe they're trans and just haven't realised it yet. Like, before I knew I had dysphoria I knew I would be ok with it if I'd been born a boy. And that maybe that would be ideal, actually. And as it turns out, there's a pretty obvious reason I feel that way but it took me ages to figure out.

  2. That's basically how I used to feel and then eventually I figured out why. Not saying that you definitely are trans, but dysphoria can present like that.

  3. Well the pot belly doesnt need hrt to get fixed

  4. 0 on the gay options. Literally don't care as long as they don't date a loser.

  5. "FTM dysphoria isnt real,only my dysphoria is valid"

  6. Backline swordlance. You pump stamina and MA so you can reap as you please. He is going to have about 85 MA so he can be decent. And you can go nimble dodge to save on armour fatigue. Against armoured enemies you go for billhook.

  7. Banner seems the easiest way to use him

  8. Spirolactone was a Diuretic(used to treat high blood pressure and heart failure)long before being used by trans people to block Testosterone

  9. As a cis woman I wish I was your height so bad

  10. Yeah give him a polearm in the backline and make sure he doesn't die while you're leveling him.

  11. They are linked to decline in testosterone levels on men so maybe

  12. A LOT of cis men hate body hair.Male depilation/shaving is extremelly popular

  13. But would you feel the need to put that you're not into blonde women on your profile? And do you have a list of all the features of people that aren't necessarily visible that you don't like? If not, then you are treating trans women differently in a way that is discriminatory.

  14. No,because thats about my only dealbreaker

  15. I can't really see how it's not transphobic for your only dealbreaker in dating to be that you aren't into trans women.

  16. I am allowed to not be attracted to trans women

  17. A lot of cis men really hate body hair too

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