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Everything is better with a good hug

  1. Nothing wrong with your pro just hit it linger. Run your peak 540 for around 1:30-2 depending on how big of a hit u have that’s what I do

  2. It leaves like 3 times the puddle and gives me a third of the smoke at the same settings as when i got it

  3. I heard they put a replacement cheeto and thats the one that walks around the physics building now

  4. Nah it’s just really bad for me because my current 11 pro max speaker went out idk how so I can’t even talk to ppl I don’t think anyone wants to be waiting over 2 weeks for a phone

  5. Then get a different phone I agree the supply chain is bad but your getting the better end of the stick than most

  6. How’s that? I gotta wait a month for a phone I paid 1k for and my current phone speakers broke so I can barely hear anything and can only text ppl.

  7. Most people waited longer lmao

  8. lol people are still getting covid with the vaccine, I got it with the booster and the vaccine, mandate does nothing unproven science.

  9. FYI - The Governor looks to be proposing putting the state gas tax ($0.511/gallon) on hiatus:

  10. I don’t think the demand in the US has never been higher because we don’t supply ourselves with any. We aren’t building back better 😂

  11. Thats why you should get a bike and build a tent by the arb

  12. Yeah I should bike 50 miles a day instead, you right

  13. corollas and camrys/ civics and accords are your best bet for cost-effective cars because of the reliability and ease to repair. 2004-2007 are some pretty good deals, they are usaully around 3500-6000. if you want something nicer up until 2012 doesnt break the bank.

  14. Still one of my favourite games ever, shame it got abandoned.

  15. most of us are in college or carrying on w our lives, hbu find any good t shirts lately 😂

  16. Yah, ^ what everyone else said lol

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