1. I'm in the exact same boat. Eastern Canada, had some hard frosts but decided not to harvest as the buds aren't quite ready. Days are still somewhat warm. I haven't noticed any bud rot or even significant leaf damage. Also, someone told me a good way to shield them from frost is to throw a sheet over the plant at night. It totally works. I didn't do it though, too lazy haha

  2. Even if it survives frost it might stop growing. Other ways to stress it might work for more sticky buds but only if it isn’t truly harming the plant to the point of stunting it’s growth.

  3. I would say prep with JMS. JMS through out. Use JLF and/or KNF ferments. I just have JMS and JLF. amazing results. Different batches of JLF.

  4. Yes. High alkaline RO water. Look it up.

  5. I use LABS of kombucha myself but the water cure is to remove the active bloom

  6. I know this is a herb subreddit but I'd highly recommend the practice of mindfulness and meditation.

  7. did you get your lungs or heart checked out first?

  8. I got a blood clot test and it came back negative. The swelling has switched legs. They thought it might be a calf tear and gave me Physical Therapy

  9. See a GP Dr could be medical thing.

  10. thank you. there are lots of birch leaves here about to change color, but havent yet.

  11. no sugar needed. I have seen Fermented Plant Extract (F.P.E.) recipe that is like JLF with LABS and Sugar instead of leaf mold. Thats what i'd like to try because it doesnt smell bad.

  12. JLF is shelf stable. it may continue to ferment for a year or so depending on your climate and then the smell will go away. it can be used to inoculate future batches.

  13. I get these symptoms when I smoke shitty dispensary weed. I don't get the symptoms when I smoke my own clean home grown.

  14. Yea, that's a better idea. Avena botanicals is a really great little herb company in Maine, I love their tinctures.

  15. JMS is very strong and so is JLF. I would not want to get JLF on my skin again. I laid in the fetal position for hours.

  16. Potent Ponics on youtube just had a podcast with Chris Trump and Nigel Palmer. Nigel Palmer makes his own style, but he does a lot of JADAM style. Chris Trump is KNF. Lots of great insights.

  17. I think you may have just told my why my hair started falling out a few weeks ago… thank you internet fren 💕

  18. Did you have covid? I know a lot of people including myself that notice some hair loss afterwards

  19. raised beds are great. look into hugelkulture raised beds if you have poor soil.

  20. Do you honestly believe that a person that is asking a question like this benefits from an answer like that?

  21. Temperate holy basil. If you keep pruning the (smokable) flowers.. it keeps giving you (smokable) leaves.

  22. look at IMO and how Japan cleaned water with EM-1. Be wary of PFAs. definitely test before buying.

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