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  1. I got the same smoker as you. Brisket always turns out great on a Highland as long as you burn a clean fire for the whole duration. I try to stay between 275 and 300 for the whole cook, I use the the "foil boat" method and I typically wrap around 180 internal. I pull it off the smoker @ around 205 as long as its probing tender. Good luck!

  2. P-TEC 8400 from Polyméres. My local mill suggested it. Super handy for small stuff. It's more like a putty.

  3. As a paramedic in OK that is in and out of a lot of homes, this nails it on the head.

  4. As a grift, this is a lot of hard work. First you have to build the car, at considerable expense. Then you have to drag it around to potential investors, and if it doesn't run, you have to tow it there. Then you have to talk people into investing in being a dealer for your new technology, but you can't scam normal folks, you have to find a sucker who also owns a car dealership or a mechanic's shop. Then, if you know your product is bunk, you have to get out of dodge and change your name before any of them figure out they've been flim-flammed. You can't continue the scam or your victims will catch up to you. So you have a short window of opportunity, but you've got to go all over a large geographic area to find your suckers.

  5. There’s a tiny human on top of that car.

  6. There is a lot of weird stuff going on in this pic for sure.

  7. Wait, what's up with the angel in the background?

  8. I honestly only saw that after your comment! Haha. I have no idea what is happening here. I just saw an Outback and needed to repost here.

  9. I’m not gonna lie. As a Subaru owner and overall electric car fan, this seems kinda lame. How different could it be from its Toyota lookalike?

  10. Give me a wilderness Outback with a 300 mile range and price tag below $50,000 and I bet it would sell like hot cakes.

  11. I hate that the German title because this is French. 10/10 vehicle. Would make me return to EMS.

  12. If Reddit taught me anything this last week it is that the deer is gonna eat that bunny if given a chance.

  13. At quick scroll glance, this looks like a rocket going to the moon

  14. I 100% know what the inside of that truck smells like. It’s not bad, I just know what it smells like.

  15. When I was young, my aunt got me an educational book on cats and signed it, "Your first book on your way to becoming a veterinarian". I must have read it a million times from cover to cover. Then I methodically signed out every non-fiction animal book at my school's library.

  16. Anatomy coloring book! They make them for all ages. Having a solid background in anatomy will help her immensely in years to come.

  17. I actually thought this was satire at first. There is no way to repair that safely. Put your spare tire on and get yourself some new tires. Good luck!

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