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  1. I’m hoping the emails are going out in alphabetical order at this point, I have a last name that starts with a T🤣

  2. Fellow T here and nothing yet! Praying no one comes along to bust this theory so we can hold on to hope, lol.

  3. First time entering and would be my first marathon. I decided since this could be my only marathon, it is Chicago or bust! And y'all, a marathon is DAUNTING, so I've spent the last month thinking I'd feel fine about either result...but in the last couple days I've realized I WANT IN!

  4. It was a knockoff. You can't see an emblem anywhere on his coat in the photos or video.

  5. Ok, I was half asleep when I commented. Yes, I concede the video is clear enough to show there is no emblem.

  6. They just overlooked RA's statement to the conservation officer, plain and simple. Maybe a lapse in filing that tip appropriately kept it from being properly attended to, or it was misfiled as a cleared tip, something like that. I'm sure we'll get that answer from the investigators who testify at trial.

  7. I tend to think this is what happened, too. This could well boil down to one or two people mishandling this tip very early on.

  8. It's even simpler. Defense will say "Can you confirm with certainty that Richard Allen is the man you saw walking that day?"

  9. The part I'm having trouble understanding is that nobody thought it would be worth investigating RA a little more?? I could see one person missing it. Maybe 2. But the whole department?! For over 5 years?? Nah...

  10. He should have been looked at as a lead but on top of that he wasn't even interviewed as a potential witness! Outrageous. I swear this tip was lost somewhere.

  11. Did he own a purple PT cruiser? I read Ford Focus. But I was speed-reading.

  12. This right here (asking for tips about the vehicle when he said he was parked there) is what makes me think this tip was lost somewhere. Smh.

  13. What time will he be in court today?

  14. Mostly in jest, but I'm cracking up that this sub is so often like "LE totally screwed this up! I would have solved it week one!" but it took this many comments to establish the hearing is tomorrow at 9EST/6PST.

  15. First glance at the 29 yrs old and I thought it was a lady reading her CVS receipt.

  16. Somebody find my previous post Carter would change his position after the election!!!!! Wait, maybe I just thought that. #dazedandconfused #psychodougo

  17. What are you on about? Carter also said BEFORE the election he believes it wouldn't be harmful to the case to release the pc affidavit.

  18. 15 years ago?! I saw them on that tour in Nashville. What an incredible time. Just dug the tour shirt out of my drawer -- (

  19. I’m an attorney (admittedly not in Indiana, so if any Indiana attorneys want to chime in, please do). This is not as serious as people in this thread are claiming it to be. If RA has made it known that he does not want a court-appointed attorney, then that is his right. The judge cannot force him to have an attorney. Likewise, there is no right to counsel at initial court appearances.

  20. Thanks for this comment and explanation. What a breath of fresh air.

  21. Check out the docket. Those are the charges — I didn’t make it up!

  22. You said "There has to be another individual involved." But there doesn't. This is what a lot of people are trying to point out.

  23. I don't know but Doug Carter seems very eager to share the details with us one day so it's hard for me to wrap my head around the details being "whoo boy, we really fudged that one!"

  24. How would they have proceeded from there, once they had their list?

  25. I would love for someone to answer this. These posts are getting so obnoxious.

  26. Voluntary dna? Anyone that declined would be looked into further.

  27. I hadn't yet seen it confirmed that he had told LE he was on the trails that day. If that is the case then I agree. Though that still doesn't mean they had enough good DNA from the crime scene for comparison. I don't know if LE made any major missteps or not. I'm neutral about that until full details come out.

  28. Did anyone catch if they said first degree, second degree? I don’t think they did, but it kept cutting out.

  29. I live in Indiana about two hours from Delphi. I've been following since day one and am hoping the family finally has some real answers.

  30. I think some people are interpreting this as "police won't announce an arrest on Monday." What is actually being reported is that police currently won't confirm an arrest.

  31. Possibly has to do with controlling the timing of all the info being released. I think Indiana can detain 72 hours without charging a person? And within 24 hours after charging, they are required to disclose the charges to the public. LE wants control of all this for the press conference on Monday, I assume.

  32. I don't listen to Murder Sheet but if they're going around harassing people like these comments say, they are rude as fuck.

  33. I mean that’s what reporters do. They go around and talk to people.

  34. Well I guess I could have saved them some time if they would have just asked me first if anyone at the suspect's home or at his parents home would want to talk to some podcasters today. (No)

  35. I don’t know the ins and outs of how this investigation proceeded any more than any other true crime follower does, but I find it amazing that people are on here, on the day an arrest has finally been made, criticizing how LE handled this.

  36. I agree with you! And I'm actually pretty critical of LE in general. I'm just also not arrogant enough to assume I know all the facts. I'm eager to find out more about how the investigation got to where we are today.

  37. How cute! Also, I did my makeup as a scarecrow for a Halloween costume today and for the nose I used that exact mosaic palette shade that is on your nose, lol. What are the odds?

  38. Whenever I order from sales it arrives pretty quickly but my glam bag is always slow AF. I guess the volume they are sending out for the monthly bags probably slows the whole process down? Just thinking out loud.

  39. I'm definitely over-thinking it. It's just a fun thing to ponder and a nice break from grim death and disappearances.

  40. Yes, it is such a welcome break from grim death and disappearances! I'm very much into true crime but I love the lighter and non-murder mystery posts on here.

  41. Think I'm just going to skip and buy some stuff I want from Flash instead.

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