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  1. you can get about 10% max from baker's yeast. Wine yeasts can go 18%+

  2. and how much wine yeast are we talking about? Can one pack of those wine yeast with 6 cups sugar yield 18%+?

  3. The starting quantity of yeast only determines how long the fermentation will take to get started, not how much alcohol it can produce. The alcohol is determined by the amount and concentration of sugar

  4. What's this style of knife called? It's a cool design, I've seen someone make one on youtube before

  5. Deport this perpetrator if it is found he is not a citizen or still has dual citizenship.

  6. Don't gotta be xenophobic... Would have been just as bad regardless of whether the person who did it was born here or not

  7. I learned to drive at 16, but then moved to a city with good public transport and haven't had a car since. Been 4½ years and I still don't feel the need to drive

  8. Your car is kinda ricey but not over the top the z3 is clean af tho

  9. Don't get a laptop lol. Build a desktop with second hand parts for the same price and profit

  10. I considered it, and I'd like to build a desktop, but since moving back in with my parents during the end of the world, I don't have any room for anything. I'm also in school for nuclear engineering, so if I need to use any CAD programs, a laptop could be used for that too when I'm on campus. When I move out and have more room, I'll definitely get a desktop, but right now it's just not feasible, sadly

  11. Honestly i just wouldn't bother then, get a console lol. Gaming laptops are a huge waste of money and last half as long as a pc at best. I had an MSI gaming laptop when i was at university and it was the bane of my existence

  12. If the next person playing the guitar can't tube it back to standard from drop, then they don't know how to play guitar anyways lol

  13. But what if the newbies need to come try the $6k lé pãulo?

  14. I'm gonna tune it to open C# Minor. That'll show em

  15. Eating, fucking, and dying. That's why we ended up here. That's the only purpose any creature ever really knows.

  16. You surprised? They tried to dance with a Witcher...

  17. Everything comes with a price. And I don't mean Cosmic Karma or anything.

  18. I imagine you're right about it being Taylor related, but I've had a bad day and am allowed to daydream about desert sessions vol 13 & 14... please let me have this 😅

  19. I always assumed he sort of appeared out of the dusty desert air with a guitar in hand at age 13 and then sat down and started playing polka

  20. Why wouldn't you be able to? Just be careful with your dosage.

  21. Infusing something that has 5-10% alcohol with THC is not easy, it usually requires lecithin or some other emulsifier to prevent the THC for globbing back together as it is a waxy oil. I have even infused vodka with THC and that too required lecithin.

  22. "the show seems to be taking strides in the right direction" ........ Sure

  23. No, you need to get a mod to level items if you want them to stay usable

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