1. somehow transgender HRT became a special interest for me a while back, which is somehow both very directly relevant to my life, and also a weird thing to have as a special interest

  2. autism is the key to making reading scientific articles fun

  3. The surprising thing to me is that boobs are the only thing you think of with silicone. You never made molds of your hands or custom-shaped chocolates as a kid?

  4. I'd think of sex toys first

  5. I could write a script on my laptop to say, announce the cues, followed by a series of random tones, then note what tones it played. After I wake up, I could check which tones it played to see if it was real

  6. here at the dfd discussion thread, safety is our number one concern, which is why we hide behind this giant tinfoil shield. it's to protect our nuts, because nobody likes roasted nuts

  7. nl wants to have an excuse to support republicans so fucking bad

  8. in brazil we don't have loitering laws but we have disrespect against cops laws which basically means that if a cop doesn't like you they can just say you were disrespecting them and arrest you

  9. Broke: SOPHIE was the first hyperpop musician

  10. "be gay do crimes" mfs when DIY HRT 🤯🤯🤯

  11. "Modest Mouse" would be a sensible Ubuntu codename

  12. Are there slurs in ASL. Like there’s gotta be racist deaf people

  13. I'd dislike snaps a lot less if Canonical admitted that they were for Ubuntu first and foremost and afterthoughtedly made available for other distros, instead of acting like it's a distro-agnostic flatpak competitor

  14. somehow a lot of people think Ubuntu's deb -> snap transitional packages for stuff like Firefox and Chromium are some dastardly plot to trick apt users into installing snaps, when it's really just for making sure upgrades from older versions of Ubuntu work seamlessly

  15. kero kero bonito, fraxiom, primus

  16. what possible mechanism could there be that slows down feminization when you put "too much load" on your estrogen receptors

  17. that's not how it works lol

  18. doing my e shot: 3 minutes

  19. Unfortunately its ciproterone acitate, tho on my next endocrinology appointment (which is before the event) I will have a talk with my doctor and try to switch to spironolactone

  20. Why don't you want cypro?

  21. 10,000 Gecs is a pretty damn good album. Despite experimenting with different genres, they're clearly able to maintain that distinct geccy sound. It's nice that, despite being the ones to mainstream hyperpop, they don't seem too tied down to it

  22. The 386, the first 32-bit x86 processor, wasn't discontinued until September 2007, as it remained a popular chip for embedded systems for a very long time.

  23. acab except for Dewey from Scream

  24. probably, i've used a guide and tried for like 5 minutes but gave up

  25. what were you trying to eat

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