1. I think the answers to all your questions can be found by experimenting.

  2. About polarization (and probably for other questions you might have) watch

  3. Watching this now, so I guess I never needed a professional grade camera or studio setup when my phone could do it with a plane white background?

  4. Thats sick man. How is your camera setup for taking the images? Did you shoot around the object or use a turntable?

  5. That is if you're from USA. Not available in EU. Heard people recommend alternative

  6. A bit of a compromise between the two would be the Uplift - and that's the reason I have one on order right now. It's got similar components to the Jarvis except the motor columns are inverted and they've added a wedge-shaped member to give more side to side stability. I wanted a crossmember, but the Vertdesk v3 didn't have a low enough minimum height for me, and I *really* liked the bare metal finish that Jarvis and Uplift both offer. I didn't really consider the Geekdesk mainly based on price and aesthetic.

  7. Dang, now im debating on uplift vs jarvis, with slightly more favor towards the uplift because of the deals and pricing.

  8. I meant to ask if it has a clear coat on the frame, but completely forgot! Maybe I'll shoot an email off to CS.

  9. Let me know what they say. Im sure they put atleast a primer on it or something. I really want to get this with a brownish black top and I think it would look sweet with this color

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