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  1. Yeah been playing beastman and having a blast but after an hour or two I'm like meh

  2. Lol right ? I just started to pillage the wood elves. Took the oak tree, and great hunt end game pops and I lose all 4 stacks of my army.

  3. Question abt wild hunt event. Ran a campaign with no end turn scenarios. Still got a notification for a wild hunt event?

  4. There is a regular one where orion gets aggressive and go out of his way to attack people

  5. 5 necros you got two moves before they move serious back pedal, if I need to leave fodder bro behind so be it. I know the frustration and with 200 hours bro your barely scratching the surface. I was at 500 before I had a basic and semi advanced understanding. You'll get there dont get frustrated

  6. Save often and have multiple saves, I try to have one for leaving each zone a right before I transition through

  7. I was disappointed with the reaper one, looks like one of those pink flamingo lawn ornaments

  8. Medieval 2 liked how Weapons and armor changed the appearance

  9. Sometimes voip will bleed over from other matches as well

  10. Dude are you serious?? That sounds so fucking spooky I would love to experience that, has this happened to you?

  11. Yes caught an end of someone talking it was faint, like it was enough to make you second guess yourself.

  12. I remember when you had to "deploy" hero's is it still like that ?

  13. The trick is to have an area code from outside of where you live.

  14. My kid took a bit to get over gear fear and the strong possibility your gonna die, I just encouraged him more and more to put himself in situations, and hit home with it's not a big deal to die. I also discourage him from playing a scoped weapon he tends to draw back to the hesitant side. It took a bit but he's clutched more games than I have now

  15. They think your gonna sit in a bush or something, alot of problems with scoped dudes either freaking out and leaving to save their kdr

  16. One time when I was a kid, my mom brought a goat home from the state fair she had won. Corky was a mean goat who liked to tear up the house siding and hit people, one morning corky decided to hit my dad in the chest nice and good, corky didn't hit anyone else after that

  17. Do you have the helmet insert? The eco docter gives you a quest for it I believe

  18. The helmet insert as in the psi helmet? Or is there something else?

  19. I wanna say their is a quest item you can put in your helmet, I've not made it that far yet I've got the quest from the ecologist docter though to out together a special something, in the debug their is a psy helmet, while i was reading about monolith play throughs i saw something about needing to use that when around the brain scorcher

  20. Wasn't it a French dude who was their main interrogation dude ?

  21. I thought the same I was like ohh you don't attack then they leave you alone, let me just transition to this next area that goes through a tunnel with fleshes running around in it

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